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Use all the time

This is set as my homepage as I find the search engine brings less complicated results compare to other search engines


Rude and unhelpful

If you live in a flat, don't use unless you are prepared to collect your order from the main door no matter what size it is.
Left me with two large boxes to get up the stairs on my own after just having a baby and having to leave her on her own to deal with the delivery.
In 5 years I have never come across this and the company I ordered from many times before has lost my custom while they continue to use this company to deliver their stuff

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Great shop

Love this shop for my kids clothes. The styles they come up with are great. The sales I love and love next day delivery too


Well known

Been with them for years. I do find their coverage seems to be getting worse in places and get diss connected in mid call, and repeatedly too.
Shame you don't have Vodafone in America too


Great for house hunting

love the feature that lets you know when new properties are available in your saved searches


Love it

Great place to get stuff and easy to take back for refund or exchange



Been with sky over 4 years now and have the whole package with phone and Internet. Have had some good offers while I have been with them.
Downside is if your phone line or Internet plays up, it can be costly phoning on a mobile to try to sort the problem out. It took 10 days one time and £40 worth of mobile calls


Brilliant cash back site

Been using them for years. If there is a missing transaction, they will chase it up for you

Virgin Atlantic

Good long haul airline

Have used virgin Atlantic many times over the years to fly to America. Most recent being last month. Good service onboard. All that I would say is that the inflight entertainment needs to be brought up to date in line with other airlines.

City Link

Brilliant courier

They are organised and know what they are doing to make speedy deliveries, unlike some I could mention

Pet Supermarket

Bad courier service

I have used pet supermarket quite a few times now, but this order will be my last. I live on the first floor in a flat. The order came at 6.45 pm. The driver Asked me. Do you want this delivery or not? We have been on since 5.20 am. They refused to deliver it to my front door saying they didn't get paid for that. I was left with two heavy boxes which I had to get upstairs while having to leave my baby on her own. I shouldn't of been lifting stuff so soon after the birth. Never had a problem before, Yodel is the delivery company and they were outright rude to me.Tried to call pet supermarket at the cost of 10p a min to be kept in a que and when I do get through, they hang up on you. Twice they did this, I gave up after that. My order was damaged too and took 11 days from the time I placed the order to get to me. I will not be using them again. And if you live in a flat, be expected to get your order from the main front door no matter what size it is.

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