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I thought it was Valentines not April Fools!

The flowers arrived a day late and they had the cheek to send an email "Your order has been successfully delivered". What a crock......as I mentioned in my complaint it's a pointless exercise now plus I had all the stress of finding replacements etc. late on Valentines

I complained last night, asking for a response and unsurprisingly I've had none.

On their site they say 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, surely they left out the Dis at the start of the word.

Hence I'm on here venting my frustration.

My 3 word Friday is "Never again iflorist"

Dave B

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Reply from iflorist


We really apologise for the delay. Your order was unfortunately one of the items that missed the connection with our couriers hub because of the weather in the Nottingham area on Wednesday. I have issued a full refund and you will receive a letter from our MD in the next few days. Really sorry we managed to deliver tens of thousands of flowers but yours ended up in the delayed transport

Wetsuit Centre

Good service to fix issues

Had a problem to begin with but the team at WSC worked hard to resolve it.
Overall, the value of the suit is good and the issues resolved.
I would buy from them again

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reply from www.wetsuitcentre.co.uk

Sorry to hear that a 5/4 was sent instead of a 6/5/4. We have since sent the correct suit with prepaid packing and compensation has been offered to the customer.

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