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Dodson & Horrell

Always great service

Very pleased with this company. They always offer great value for money, and great quality.


Good Customer Service

Very good company. Fast and easy to contact


When I say no, I mean “NO”

Great products, but when I say I DO NOT WANT YOUR EXTENDED GUARANTEE, I mean it. I know that you make most of your money by means of your extended warranty, but if I say I don’t want it then please leave me alone. I purchased a computer and declined the warranty. The salesman then went to get someone else to try to pressure me in to buying it. I really thought at one moment they were not going to sell me the computer. In the end the staff discounted the price of the warranty off the product so I got the extended warrantee for free. This was not a one off. I had the same pressure when I purchased the oven, the fridge and the TV. I now use Amazon. Its cheaper and I haven’t got to keep saying NO!


Why are these people still in business?

I travelled with this company once, even though a friend advised me not too. They are the worst airline on the planet. All of their auto check in desks were faulty so we had to pay a supplement to check in at the desk, then we were frowned upon for being late, (even though we arrived 2 hours before departure, it was the faulty Ryanair computers in the terminal that delayed us.) It did not end there. The return journey was just as bad, they put up on the departure screen that the flight was boarding, but they did not say the gate number. We asked the Ryan air staff where they were boarding and they didn’t know and did not seam to care. The announcement then came that the boarding gate was closing and it was the final call. All the passengers were in the terminal at a loss as to where the plane was. The staff were telling us to go to the gate for departure quickly, but they didn’t know where the gate was. I have never travelled with them since and I never will, they are greedy, dangerous and the staff i spoke with were scruffy and did not have a clue. If you cant afford another airline then just don’t bother, it really is not worth it, if they have muppets on the ground then who do they employ to keep you safe at 32,000 feet.



Always the best. Christmas or birthdays, i dont need to leave my house. :-)


Thank you

First direct have been nothing but helpful and upfront with everything. Uk call centre and easy online service. After banking being destroyed by Santander due to no fault of mine, its great to be with a easy to understand, and reliable bank.



I had to join this bank from the reliable A&L bank which i was with for years with no problems and no fraud transactions. However, I became overdrawn with santander after fraud on my account in November. They did refunded the transactions but not the overdrawn charges which were massive. The fraud continued in feb and this month and as a result I have since had to pay charges on top of charges every month. In 5 months they have drained all my savings and now as a result i have had to start an IVA and change bank. Avoid this bank, i have lost almost everything through no fault of my own thanks to Santander. They dont listen and dont care less.

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