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My favourite shop

Everything I ever want, I just go to Amazon and it's there. Love it!



You never get to speak to anyone - just robots. When they make a decision there is no appeal. I think they've forgotten that it is people that makes them money NOT their tech.

I couldn't ask for more!

I receive the dv247 newsletters because I have been dealing with them for years, buying my first home studio there and kitting out most of the schools I've worked at (as head of music) with gear from them.
It was only by chance I decided to look at this one in any details and went to the clearance section (as we gear sluts do). I've been thinking of a Les Paul for some time and it just occurred to me to put in Gibson go see what was about - and there was this gorgeous white Paul at a great price. I kept the page open on my computer for a couple of days to see if it 'felt' right (I have impulsively bought some clangers in my day) and it did so I bought it. I was kept well informed by the sales bots of the progress and it arrived superfast in the correct packaging for a guitar (double boxed). Well, I haven't stopped playing it since. It is the business and I am so pleased with the guitar I can hardly express it. The only two issues were highlighted in the blurb and it plays perfectly. I am so looking forward to breaking it in and want to thank dv247 for the newsletter, the price and most importantly - the guitar. Cheers!

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