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Beware of the items that can cost you dearly

OK the initial price looks good but unless you are very careful you could end up with several extras you may not want. So far I have discovered
1) travel insurance - this is a tricky one that Ryanair have devised - when you come to that section the only way you can escape not paying the charge is to click on "don't cover me" in the countries choice but unlike the rest of the countries it is not located alphabetically it is about half way down
2) Text message re booking - you must click on the no message required if you don't want a text message and the applicable charge
3) This is a really sneaky one - If you are booking a flight from a country outside the UK e.g. from Paris to the Stansted then fare will be in Euros. However Ryanair will enter the payment in GBP but at a conversion rate that certainly is not advantageous to you. However you can ask for it not to be converted to uk pounds and let your credit card company do the conversion at a better rate by clicking on a message next to "excluding administration" charge in small letters

Mr Memory

Great price, fast delivery and easy to install

The delivery arrived within two working days of ordering. It was just so easy to install with easy to understand instructions included. The computer uploaded immediately and the speed had increased by at least 50%.

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