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Love HP Products

Have had them over 10 years now. Still love using all my gadgets.


Love Toshiba Products

Never let me down.

T Mobile

I have a love/like relationship with T-Mo

I hope they never leave me though.


My phone for life

Or until HTC goes out of the cell phone manufacturer business.


If there was no Google, there'd be no me.

Ok, that's a stretch but... Google is a lifesaver... all flavors.


My Second Go To Shopping Place

When Ebay fails, usually Amazon picks up.

PS - Ebay can't (nor won't ever) beat your Android App Store... ever!!


Buyer and Seller

My go to source for nearly everything... literally. Thanks Ebay for over 10 years of existence!!


Been using for years

Nothing bad to say except thank you for years of service.


Great Unit, So So Customer Service

I was skeptical about ordering from China and not being able to view the product in person. Turns out they sent me a 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich OS tablet instead of a true 4.0. This was no stated in the description as of this posting. Not a bad thing once I used both Amazon App Store and Google Play to download my apps like I have on my cell. This tablet is awesome fast on WiFi connection, long lasting battery and just right in size. Sou8nd is pretty good for such a small item. I wish it was bluetooth compatible and 3G as well. My only con would be that in order to get the crispness of the graphics, the brightness needs to be full. Not a bad thing as the battery last a long, long time. I only use it for stored games. No bloatware (unwanted apps) is the most fabulous thing about this unit. All in all customer service worked out differences and I am happy with my purchase. It is a fingerprint heavy capacitive screen. Keep a cloth nearby. CS is sending the earplugs/headphones that were supposed to be in the box. Instead I received a international plug. (Update, not receiving headphones/earplugs... many many correspondence later, still trying to resolve.)

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