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No problems with BT......but.

Was a BT customer for years but had to move to cable as they couldn't give me the bandwidth for my household internet activity.
If I could get the same bandwidth as my cable provider I would consider moving back.


Harmless bit of long as your careful.

As long as you set your Privacy settings to "Friend only" it is a bit of harmless fun.


Good, secure alternative for paying.

Been using for a while now and when offered the choice I use PayPal.
No problems to date.


Android Rules.

Having embraced Google through my Android phone and tablet I love it.

Privacy compromised? Every time you use a mobile phone/SatNav/cashpoint machine you give away your location. So no big deal for me.


Good banking service.

I've been with Santander since they took over A&L and have hardly had any complaints.
Their security dept twice spotted fraudulent attempts to access my account and informed me immediately.
On line banking is pretty easy and safe too.


Customer Service Problems.

Happy with the service but had a terrible experience with Customer Service when my smartphone died.

Did eventually get a credit on my bill though.

Just a very painful experience


Thomson Cruises are brill'

Been on 2 Thomson cruises so far (Thomson Spirit) and loved them so much that we've just booked the Thomson Dream for a 2 week cruise in 2013.


I'm One Of The Lucky Ones.......

Lucky I can get cable.
No problems with VM.
Good service, in the main.
Will miss if I move to non cable area.


Best thing

Love Amazon. Means I don't have to trek into town with all the hassle that entails.
Have used for years.
Will continue to use.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Good fast service.

Would definitely use you again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others.

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