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What an insanely great website!!

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Everything is out of stock!I

I needed a bunch of things...they were all in Google, but then I go to the site, and they don't exist. Painful!


Easy returns

had to return something that I ordered online...went to the store--no PROBLEM! Bravo!


Best Online Experience I have Ever had

I just had to get online and spend the time to review weaknees. I never waste my time doing this, but honestly, this company deserves it!! Their support is just incredible. Sent them an email on EASTER SUNDAY and I got a response in under an hour! And this was not some generic autoresponder. i got a real response, with a real honest answer, from someone with great tivo knowledge. i asked the same question when I called tivo's toll-fee number, and after an hour on hold, they were clueless. they had no idea how to help me. And after I complained, they sent me to weaknees.com. NOW I KNOW WHY!! Why bother with Tivo when you can get to weaknees--and get better, faster, more accurate answers! I could go on and on, but give them a chance....they deserve your business.

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Average joe. Love to RV in my ancient Dodge Caravan. Can't go wrong!