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They should not exist at all

They charged full price for the ticket of our 9 month old baby and made up diffrent explanations and reasons for that! They said since we used a transit in Riga (flying from Copenhagen to Minsk), we should pay the full price!

At the Riga passport control, they checked our passports for about 20 min, so we were late for a plane, even though they new we had only 15min left during the whole transit. The whole crew and passengers were waiting for us. There was no reasong for suspisions in our documents! The flight crew came to us to help. They "released" us whithout a word......

On our way back, Riga rejected us a transit, since our baby had a different visa. We lost our tickets, and had to fly another way. All these problems they caused were not justified and all the way long they just pissed on us. For the money we spent on their tickets, we have got only gloomy faces and no service at all!

Moreover, the quality of the plane itself is far behind the 21 century. No well established air conditioning, flying in July it felt like being in the dry sauna. Smell of food and toilet was mixed and was filling the whole plane. Many people were complaining on the smell during the 40min flight.

Do not put trust on them, just choose the serious airline!

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