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I won't be going back to this company

I ordered some Cod Liver Oil from Healthy Direct two months ago (I can buy this product cheaper elsewhere!!!!) but liked the look of this company. However, I still haven’t got it. I have called through on several occasions just to be fobbed off. My frustration has grown and grown, it doesn't seem to matter to them that they do not deliver on their claims, "my product will be with me in the next two days" "it has been dispatched" no it isn't and no it hasn't!! Their customer service is seriously questionable, all I want is my goods and I am still waiting. I have given up all hope of receiving my product now and chalked it up as a lesson learned. I would recommend you to stay clear of Healthy Direct!


The best vitamins supplier I have found

I recently became a Grandma and as age is creeping up on me I started to feel a little "rusty" I researched vitamins and supplements to help with the joint pain I was experiencing and everywhere seemed to point to glucosamine. I tried various high street shops and was impressed with the results - my joints were a lot better. The downside was the cost, the high street shops prices are extortionate compared to online so I decided to try a few of these ...
...Simply Supplements; they are the cheapest supplier I found, they are buy one get one free and I don't have any postage to pay. The delivery is quick, packaging excellent and customer services outstanding. It is a pleasure dealing with them and nothing seems too much trouble. I would (and have) recommend them to anyone who needs vitamins or supplements of any kind (all products are buy one get one free and free postage)

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