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Quality Las Vegas Printer that Doesn't Outsource

I tried these guys out when I was out of town on business. I forgot to bring our pamphlets to a trade show. I went there for a last minute press. They run everything in-house and had the prints ready for me at midnight when I called in at 6pm that business day. Lifesavers.


Arkansas Art in the Ozarks

This place is nestled in the Ozarks about 10 miles away from the Scenic Pig Trail. Everytime that we visit, we take the kids. It features over 80 artists with 10 acres of sculptures, a pottery house, coffeeshop, gallery, lake, camping, and an all-natural bakery across the street. The bakery is only open Monday-Friday. There is food in the coffeeshop, although a limited amount. Great coffee. Great place to hold an event, too.


Las Vegas Local SEO

This company has really good packages with solid pieces of content and good writers, and they understand SEO. It's nice to have the big picture when it comes to online marketing. They are also pros at getting you ranked in Google Local. Majorly important if you are a local business.

Design Factory

PubCon trade show exhibit

PubCon 2012 is about to roll around the corner, and all I have to do is get on the plane and get there. Last year, I tried traveling with the exhibits and everything myself from St. Paul, Minnesota. I thought that I would save money and it would be fun. Not so. It wasn't worth the budget savings. Actually, the savings was negligible when you considered that I didn't have to pay manhours for the staff to help set up and tear down, and I didn't have to mess around with navigating a huge hotel that I know nothing about. If you know that you want to do a trade show exhibit rental in Las Vegas, and you need something that portrays your company as sleek and modern, Design Factory is the only company in Las Vegas that knows how to do trade shows with all the glamour of Las Vegas and all the class of a high-end trade show designer.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Reply from Design Factory Las Vegas (DFLV)

Thank you, Erin. It was a pleasure working with you!


Online Service with Brick and Mortar Service

I used to go through another online company until I had to develop a design for a trifold presentation folder and no one was there to help me even after I signed up for consulting. My1Stop has an in-house graphic designer that really knows his business. They called me personally to confirm when I received the order. Really classy folders, too.

Identity Guard®

Protection in a Divorce

I was referred to Identity Guard by my lawyer because I was in the middle of a divorce and I was worried that my credit was going to get dragged through the mud before we reached the end of the court case. Not a good feeling. . . . So after I subscribed to the monitoring program, I downloaded the app and waited for the alerts to start coming. They didn't. I was beginning to wonder if my app was working right, and not a day after that, I get an alert that someone is trying to open a line of credit in my name for $10k!!! I was on it. I cancelled the card and reported fraud. I never even said a word to him. But it never happened again.

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