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Grab Media

Thank you!

I am serious! The plug in GrabPress is my new go to tool!

My blog was doing OK. I was really frustrated by not being able to upload video content. Not only was it easy to do, but it looks great!!

I love how customizable the video size and can't wait to see what my new stats!

Bottom line- fantastic!


PR support for all!

I recently had to write a Press Release for our small company. PRweb rocked it! Not only did their resources help me get my thoughts together but they also reviewed it before posting. They caught a stupid typo!!!
I just wanted to say they made me, and ultimately our company, look good.


I may never have to leave my house again!

I love Amazon.com! Not only do they have the price to beat but they sell everything!!! I have had nothing but good experiences when purchasing from them. When there was a problem they fixed it! I recommend it to anyone!

Identity Guard®

My kid's ID is at risk?

I was shocked to learn that my nephew, in high school, was denied a simple line of credit. His ID had been stolen!! Over the past few years someone had stolen his ID and charged thousands of dollars in his name!

So, this got me thinking about my kids. Life is hard enough to navigate without having others mess up your credit scores!
I just wanted to let you know I love the kID Sure program!

My parents had found Identity Guard and was thrilled with their experience with them. They had been doing a lot of traveling out of the country and were concerned about their ID back home.

The monitoring with alerts were so helpful to their peace of mind. The million dollar identity insurance is what sold them. With their great referral and your kID Sure program, you won me over!

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