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Many orders over several years - always, we are satisfied customers

I found Vitacost online, some years ago. What really impressed me, was the selection they had. The second thing that got my attention, were the prices.

A faithful, repeat customer of theirs, I just placed another order yesterday. The products I ordered from them, even considering the shipping, saved me about $35.00 over what I would have to pay locally. In addition, the gas and wear-and-tear on the car, would have been in excess of the shipping charges, and I can find what I need there, without leaving my store.


Having ordered about 30 times, we obviously are extremely pleased!

Nuts.com - formerly Nutsonline.com, is simply one of our favorite online companies. Not only are their goods "good", the nuts are the freshest that we have had - WITH the exception of some almonds we had picked for us, right off the tree, in Palestine one year.

We ship things from there, to lots of our family members, and they have all been delighted. There is just nothing negative about this company, period!


Have used them for years - VERY happy!

I have had several websites created with Homestead.com, for many years. I can ALWAYS get someone on the phone, the sitebuilder that I have downloaded to my computer is wonderful, the themes are great, and I could not be more pleased.

Well, I could - there are rumors that they are going to discontinue support for the computer downloaded Intuit SiteBuiler, and I wish they would reconsider that. It is so easy to work on my sites at my leisure, and open several pages to edit, at once.

Other than that, I love them!

Xoom Global Money Transfer

Xoom should be called Zoom - we are very pleased!

Because we have had the occasion to send funds internationally, we have a bit of experience with different methods. The most common method, via WU, is always reliable - but costly. For sending money to the countries Xoom covers, we do not think it can be beaten.

Every transfer goes through rapidly, and the notification system they use, is great! Usually, before I can even email the receiver that the money has been sent, Xoom has fired them off an email.

Once the transaction is complete, and the receiver has retrieved their funds, we receive another email, alerting us that it was picked up.

We could not be happier with Xoom, and grateful for the money they have saved us!

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