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Scan Computers

Great service and products

I have been very happy with Scan and their service has been excellent. There site is a little sluggish at times (which it shouldnt be on the 1Gb/s optical line I use) but its not all the time.


Not Good at all

askjeeves is one to avoid, they have broken the law my forcing themselves into Mozilla products and they are a very poor search engine.


Try again

We have used multiple HTC devices and currently just swapped our 23 of our HTC devices (i.e. All of them) because there were just too many problems.

Phones look nice but are not stable, despite stabilty in other Android based phones, which only leaves the phones as the problem.

Try harder HTC.


Decent Company but...

Decent enough company in general, although staff are poorly advised and are not the best for advice.

They are usually more expensive than most too.


Good but some things need to be resolved

Good company and not bad customer service, although dongle service is really bad, hance the drop of one star.


Poor Show

I have been linked into PayPal by force as I had to link it to my eBay account, although I have only ever had poor service and multiple security issues along with scams from this lot.

A friend stupidly tried to use them for processing payments for his company and it was a nightmare to link into the PayPal API, its so badly coded and configured... wel come on PayPal move with the times!

If there are other payment options availiable use them instead.


5 Stars, simple

This has been a great site. I came across it when I was investigating a company who were trying to take money from me and they had some great advice and even some contact information which was not accessible normally.

Very good tips and advice all round.


Great Social Networking Site, although no public access?

I have been a fan of Facebook, although I recently tried to sign up a friend to it and have it so that he could have a live feed on his website, although there doesnt seem to be a public access for api feeds... very poor.


ok service, although prices could be better me thinks

I had some old games which I wanted to get rid of and avoid the hassle of selling on eBay or Gumtree. So sent off around 20 games and got £30 for them, although looking at the prices which the games are selling for second had I should have got more like £60 for the titles.

Never the less they were just taking up space and as stated, I didnt want the hassle of selling individually.

Excellent Service although one small snag...

I have found MobileFun a great resource for purchase mobile phone accessories, although after ordering numerous items from them, one of the items did not arrive and the process for organising a replacement to be sent is very lengthy.

Otherwise a good and easy to use website and normally very quick delivery.


What I expected from a budget airline

I havent flown very often, although I have had two flights with Easyjet which have not been great.

The seating is very close together and the air stewards were not very helpful, they rushed everything and seemed to make lots of mistakes.

The second flight I had with them, was held up for five hours and I received no money in compensation, which I think is very unreasonable.

All in all, Easyjet are obviously a budget airline so if you are flying with them, dont expect a good service or to get to your location on time.


Affordable and easy to use!

I have been using Amazon for many years now and they have been great! Never let me down, postage is always very prompt after payment and I even have the app on my iPhone which is just the best! Was able to order a sneaky gift for the girlfriend while we were in a coffee shop and she was none the wiser as she thought I was texting a friend!

The main site is easy to use with an amazing search facility. I do recommend Amazon to everyone I meet!

T Mobile

Little to no signal and customer services unable to repair problems

I had such a bed experience with T-Mobile that I paid to leave them early. I was using a T-Mobile G1 and it rarely had reception and I also had a very annoying problem with the handset which was that I could only send/receive text messages when the 3G was turned off, which partially defeated the purpose of the handset.

I had two encounters with customer service who hadnt got a clue what they were doing and were not able to solve the issue mentioned above.

Really awful company/service, would never go back to them.

Mazuma Mobile

Excellent Service and Quick turnaround time

In the past I have been using other sites, although I thought I would try Mazuma Mobile. Not only did they offer more money for the handsets they also sent out the letter very quickly and after sending back the parcel the money was also paid very quickly.

I am very happy with Mazuma Mobile and will use them next time I change my handset and also recommend them to others.

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