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My computer crapped out, and it took a lot of work on my part, but Dell came through for me.

I bought a 3 year warranty with my XPS and a month before the warranty ran out, the computer quit working right. On the downside, I had to call customer service quite a few times, and I had to do a lot of work which took an hour or more sometimes (reboot, reset, restart and F12, etc.) Then they sent out a tech with a new hard drive. That didnt' solve it so they sent a tech with a new motherboard and that solved the problem. A lot of trouble, but I ended up with a machine that works and has new major components. My other Dell, from the scratch and dent sales page, is 4 years old now and has never had problems!

Identity Guard®

Identityguard goes way beyond what similar services do for you!

I've tried out other identity protection services in the past and they cost a lot of money and were almost impossible to cancel, but Identityguard is a really different kind of company. They have a lot of free information on the website to educate you about identity theft, so even if you don't buy their service, you can go to and learn about all the different ways people get your information, what they do with it and how to protect yourself.

Another really cool thing is that they have a program to help you protect the identity of your kids. You can sign up on the website and they will send you a free worksheet to check the risk factors and teach you how to find out if your child's identity has been stolen and how to protect it.

I don't live near a Costco, but I heard that they have a special discount, so if you are interested and you do have one nearby, you might want to check that out and maybe save even more money!


Facebook drives me crazy, but I check it every day.

I say "I hate Facebook," and I kind of do, but it's a great way to see what people are up to, and I'm in several Facebook groups now that are really working well for letting people feel connected. One is a group of old friends who have been out of touch and the other is a place for new people to connect. Facebook works great for both.

In addition to people writing random alarming things with no explanation, what I hate is that my family messages on Facebook instead of writing emails, and it seems like half the time the notification doesn't come, so some of us don't know what's going on. It's also unclear which post is being responded to a lot of the time.

Little Earth Angel LLC

Little Earth has a great product lineup of the classics with a green twist.

I'm a big fan of natural products, and organic cotton is great for so many reasons, but what really gets my OMG from this company is the stacking cups from recycled milk bottles and they are little Measuring cups too! The curvy star shape makes them easy for little hands to hold.


Roboform is like a virtual assistant for filling out forms!

I got Roboform several years ago through one of those offers where you have to do some online product trial and you get something free, so I didn't have really high expectations, but it actually was really useful. Of course, you have to put in all the information manually in the beginning, but it's really nice after that when you start to fill out a long and painful form, but it fills itself in for you!

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