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Will buy from Kohl's again and again

I always find things I like at Kohl's and they're always reasonably priced. It is one of my favorite stores to shop from because I know I'm getting a good deal every time. The couple of times I didn't like what I bought online once I received it, it was so easy to exchange it and I could do it in the store and not deal with shipping it back. Loved that.


It's just so convenient

I buy from because it is so convenient. I get everything from food to clothes to horse tack to movies, all in one purchase. I love their free shipping when you spend enough (on a lot of my purchases anyway) and I always seem to be able to find things I can't find elsewhere. My only complaint is related to the shipping times. Sometimes the arrival days they present aren't true and things arrive a day or two later. Sometimes I don't mind and other times it really matters, such as when my nephew's birthday present arrived late, so I'd love for that to be more accurate. I'd pay to ship in certain circumstances. And yes, I know they have the Prime option but it doesn't apply to all purchases and for the ones it does apply for, I can usually swing free shipping anyway. Overall, I'll definitely keep buying from them.


Gotta love the savings

I have booked on Expedia many many times and had to cancel and make changes and have always been able to do so quite easily. The big thing I love is their "packages" because you can save a lot of money. For my personal trips, I used to always book flights ahead of time and then wait awhile to book a hotel but I realized I can save some good money by booking them together on Expedia so that's what I do!

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