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Identity Guard®

Identity Guard gives me peace of mind

I did the two week free trial of the Identity Guard Silver package and was so impressed with the identity and internet monitoring that I went ahead and got the Platinum package so I can also monitor my credit, address, and public records. Having Identity Guard gives me peace of mind.


Skype keeps me connected

I moved away from my family from TX to HI and have been using Skype video calls to keep in contact and let my 2 year old nephew get to know me. I can only make a trip out to TX once a year so having him know my face is a really big deal for me. I also use Skype to talk to my boss and co-workers when working on projects. It helps me co-ordinate and get my questions answered faster than email would.


Verizon has been my choice for going on 8 years

I just upgraded my phone and got a new 2 year contract with Verizon and the new package has unlimited talk and text and 2GB data. Considering I use my phone mainly for talk and text and hardly use it for web browsing I'm excited. I don't have to wait for the weekends to call home anymore. On my old package I had 450 minutes a month with free evenings and weekends, but living in HI and my family in TX I couldn't really call home as much as I wanted. I really like that Verizon has decided to make talk unlimited.


My order wouldn't go to the store, I had to pay shipping to get it sent to me

I ordered a computer from Walmart.com and had to pay shipping as the ship to store function wasn't pulling up the Walmart 2 blocks from where I live. I think it has to do with my living in HI and Walmart not wanting to pay shipping to out here. I'm happy with the computer, but not happy I wasn't able to get it shipped to the store where I could walk over and pick it up.


I depend on Paypal

I'm a contractor who does all my work online, so I get paid through Paypal. I'm able to have a Paypal debit card that I can use in day to day transactions, and on the occasions that there have been unauthorized transactions Paypal took care of it in a timely manner and my money was returned to me. On occasion I have to call Paypal for how to do something on the site and everyone I've talked to has been friendly and knowledgeable.

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Heather Goetz
Honolulu, United States


Self employed contractor living in tropical HI.