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My favorite place to shop for computer parts

I enjoy building my own computers and whenever I start a new project I load up the Newegg website to look for parts that I want. They have such a wide selection at very reasonable prices that I really don't have any need to shop anywhere else for parts. Just make sure that you get the part that you want the first time because it isn't always cheap to return parts that you decide you don't like later on, and you will probably end up paying a shipping and restocking fee.


Stable service if a little outdated

I enjoy getting on Netflix now and then when I am looking to veg out in front of the TV. I don't rely on streaming for access to any of the latest movies, but every now and then I will see a series or, a movie that I haven't seen and I will sit down and watch it. For some of the harder to find shows the DVD service is wonderful, even though it can be a little difficult waiting for the DVDs to come in the mail.

Identity Guard®

Thanks to Identity Guard I now Own my Own Home

While my story isn't as dramatic as having my identity stolen, Identity Guard did save my credit score by keeping a shady rental service from destroying my credit score. I was renting a computer from the company while mine was being repaired. After turning the computer into them, they acted as if nothing was wrong. Later on the put a mark on my credit score saying that I owed them 1500 dollars! Luckily Identity Guard let me know about the issue quickly and I got in touch with the company and resolved the issue. Without Identity Guard I wouldn't have qualified for my mortgage last year, so I'm thrilled with the service.


A great way to shop for everything.

Whenever I need to buy something I always head to the Amazon marketplace first because they have a huge selection of items to pick from and they are usually cheaper than what you would pay at the store. Other than being affordable you can see which items are actually high quality because of the reviews that other users leave for them, which I always pay attention to. I also love the fact that I get all of my items in two days thanks to prime and I never have to worry about shipping costs.

I do usually avoid furniture and other bulky items from Amazon because there is usually a shipping cost and it's normally pretty high.

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Benjamin Skinner
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Dedicated dad and tech enthusiast.