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What is service?

This is a rather long complain about the service in Nespresso Copenhagen, a Nespresso boss who have no clue on "personalized service"(as Nespresso claim to be proud of on their web page) and a "service help-desk" that don't deal with complains - but suggest that I talk to the very same man whom I am actually complaining about..... Good Service????

This is the long version:
My husband and I got a milk foamer at our wedding but unfortunately we already had one. I thought I could exchange the present with something else after our honeymoon but unfortunately I was sick when we returned home and moreover only rarely pass by the shop since we live in sweden (and the nearest shop is located in Denmark). Therefore to my surprise I was rejected by the counter because my receed was 5 days "too old"! I asked to talk to the boss of the Copenhagen Nespresso shop because I was sure that he would understand my situation and exhcange my perfectly new milk foamer to something else. But no!
He calimed that is was my own responsibility to do this exchange within 30 days, which information he claimed I could read in the Nespresso shop or at the webpage. I objected that I did not by this myself in the shop and therefore had not been aware of this inflexible exchangerules. He said I could have looked at the homepage or called the free number written on the receipt - which is not the case - In fact there are no number to dial and the exchange rules are to my aknowledgement not valiable on the Nespresso homepage! I was so dissapointed to his answers and continued to say that he should not be so stubborn with the rules since it was only 5 days and I thought that I had many good reasons why I had been delayed and he with no trouble could sell the milkfoamer to a new customer but he claimed that this was the rule everywhere else too and that "a business will dig its own grave if it starts to listen to the individual customer! My God! what year is he living in to think this kind of Fordism is the way to run a business? - Is this not the core of "personalized service"?
Additionally I know that several other businesses (even some of those selling Nespresso products such as Bahne or Kop og Kande) - Yes, even BILKA (a large discount grocery store) have 3 months to return non-food products!
The Nespresso boss still rejected my inquiry and suggested that I sold it on the BLACK MARKET or gave it away to a friend!
I know he is wright about the 30 days but still think that it is very poor service not to show a little understanding for the customer in such a situation - I mean, what does he have to loose by helping me out? - And more importantly, what are the consequences for rejecting my simple request? Afterall I did not ask to get back my money but only to get something else from the shop - and now he is sure to have lost a lifetime customer...! A

Anyway the next level in this complain is the fact that the service- help desk said they only could help me if my present have been bought through my customer-club-membership (which my friends had not done). The service-lady did understand my situation and offered to call the manager in the Copenhagen Nespresso shop because she said that only he could decide if he wanted to help me (he had said that it was not his rules but the cooperation's!) - but unfortunately he would not listen to her either. Therefore the "service-lady" called me back (good service!) but told me that she could not help me further and that if I did not want to keep the product my only obtion was to go down to the shop and talk to the manager.................. - The very same manager that I was complaining about (and who had smacked the phone off when I had called him earlyer)!!!

So now: Anyone who know a "Service Police"? or at least, anyone who want to by a perfectly new milk foamer?

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