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The Rug House

Does What It Says On The Tin!

I had some carpet remnants made up and edge-whipped into anti-wear rugs in front of the two settees when we had new carpet fitted. They would creep all the time. I saw this product on line and bought a couple of bottles. It worked well, the rugs stay in place. A couple of the rugs needed a third application. The items arrived very promptly and included a 10% off the next purchase voucher. This is a very good and professional company that I would recommend to anyone. Thanks "The Rug House"!



I used BT Broadband for about 5 years and then changed to Sky because I became fed up with the miserly 40 Gb download limit on their top option. I kept getting Fair Usage Policy warnings all the time. You'd think in the 5 years that I was with them, the limit would increase with films now in HD formats, leading to larger files. Come on BT! Wake up! This is the 21st century!


Very good

I bought my present property with the help of RightMove. The website is very well laid out and easy to use. I shall definitely use them again if I move!

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Too many adverts!

Once, prime time dramas had 20 to 25 minutes between breaks. Now, they seem like every quarter of an hour, which does ruin the continuity of the program. I find ITV Player very inferior to BBC's iPlayer.


Overpriced crap!!!

I bought a Dyson DC02 cylinder some years ago, its suction was appalling, I binned it and bought a Miele Cat & Dog, which is still as good as the day I bought it (10 years), AND it was cheaper!!! When I see Dyson desk fans on sale for the best part of £200, it makes me angry. £200 pounds for a bloody fan! What a con artist SIR James is!!!

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Every time I go into a Poundland shop, I always find some little gem. There's a lot of variety there.


The original and still the best!

Every file hosting site I use, the files that I want to download mostly use Rapidshare links. They are more widely used than Filesonic, Megaupload and all the others.


OK company

I know lots of people that slag PC World off - unfairly, in my opinion. Whenever I've used them, they have always had the product I want, the staff I've dealt with have always been courteous and helpful. There's a PC World in most towns and they have a wide range of products. If I have one criticism, it is that they can be a bit expensive, but if you're in a hurry, they're convenient.


Complete garbage!

AOL was my first ISP back in 2003. Every day, and I DO mean every day, I had DNS Server errors and disconnections. This lasted for about 7 to 8 months. I contacted them and asked for my MAC code and was told that I would be in breach of contract. My reply that the contract was a 2 way thing and that I would be contacting the CEO. They let me go. If they became the world's sole ISP, I would throw my router in the bin! Never again!!!


Quality product & service

I ordered an item from this company and it arrived 2 days later - very rapid. The item itself was very well made; the mouldings on the terminations, the cable and the metalwork is of a much higher standard than anyone else's.


Good company

I've always found Amazon to be excellent in a number of ways; fast delivery, very wide choice of products and very competitive price-wise.


Reliable Service Provider

I've been with Three for over two years now and they've always been better than either Vodafone or O2. They aren't "in your face" like the others.

Rapid Turnaround!

Sony SMP-N100 ordered yesterday 23/11/2010, arrived today 24/11/2010 - Brilliant! What more can you say!

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