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Limited but vast

A lot of DJ and Mixes are on their site - its a great site for DJs who are reaching out as an investment. However the word is INVESTMENT as it does cost to have more than their basic package to have your track stay there and in good length. Thats the only drawback.


Over Marvel Universe gold

Bought a large amount of items from them this past month. Took approx 4 weeks to received everything however I was contacted before that it would take this long. Considering the items are not in print anymore I was fine with it. Within 2 weeks, I started to received part of my shipment slowly until I received everything. At every shipment a customer service person emailed me a tracking number to make me at ease that something is coming. I would recommend anyone looking for older stock.


Spam like crazy

Terrible website, full of popup and spam - avoid


MTG Cheapest site for Canadians

They have the best Pre-order and cheapest on the net - if you can rally up your MTG friends to buy with you shipping is free for over 400$ - what more can you ask for?


You register and think its good - but its not

The site has been bought out and no wonder why, The system and the length to get your money transfered and all is too complicated. Even after going through the verification your money transfer is capped. Terrible


Power in your palm - but weighs like a brick.

Too heavy to be a portable - too small to be a desktop replacement.

Pro: graphics power, beautiful finish - alienware at its best for a 15"
Cons: only a 15" inch for a 6lb+ machine - high in price.

Overall if you got money to burn go ahead.
Recommendation: buy a desktop: way cheaper for gaming.


Cisco != Linksys

Cisco bought linksys = linksys equals cisco quality? No - the product for what it is worth is less par than a cheap TrendNet router. Navigating for answers with their knowledge base form is a puzzle. Avoid this company for routers, they lost their touch since 2004


TF2 + L4D = best FPS ever

So much diversity in those two games. Lets not forget classics like CS which spawned the era of competitive gaming. The website itself is easy to navigate and very infomative for those who looking for deals and best sellers.


Excellent review site - no Canada Market version

Big computer fan and tech review - too bad that USA/UK/Asian are there only market when Canada gets limited exposure - I wish i can stop drooling on USA only products.


Best Price - Big Selection

Best Price and Deals ever - very helpful customer service. NOTE: you pay GST depending on your location NO PST - factor that in to your total if your thinking "maybe i should buy it local" Saves LOTS of money for those in QC.


Very Good Banking Site for RBC

Comprehensive navigation for RBC users and non-users.


Good Selection, but not Great Selection

Very competitive pricing, shipping in bulk might not be best. Very good Selection but doesnt beat in pricing or NCIX in selection wise.
Pro: very good comprehensive details on certain computer components that i believe should be webstandard for online computer stores (such as PSU info on connectors)


The Small Fashion Line that Could

Very interesting concept for an urban asian clothing line of high quality tshirts and hoodies. As shown by owner Ra Oun that his line is no small fries with Drake, Shogun, Steph Ly showing support to the clothing line. Very impressed by the blog and online store.


Most extensive line of personal makeup to date

Alterego cosmetic is their own brand - but for a small shop like this there is lots of variety. Showed it to my girlfriend and she loved the selection + shading. Shipping is reasonable as long as you order lots. If your ordering singles it might be steep, so advice: buy in bulk (1 mascara, lipstick, pen, etc) to save on shipping. Second advice: Men show this to your women when you dont need your computer....if you need it - its going to be a fight....


Cheap on the rise - big selection

Cheap prices on collectibles.
Products are listed as: instock, available, preorders, outofstock so that collectors like me can know when to expect shipment. Its nice to find a place out of print products just like toywiz but at a lower price. Shipping cost is reasonable.


Site is like RRSP - buy it - forget about it - then receive it.

Investment are like this: you buy into it and then forget about it till you want to see your portfolio.
If you need it ASAP, TOMORROW, END OF THE WEEK. You might be out of luck....i got my product 2-3 weeks later from the order date. I got my product at least and its off the market stuff (2003-2004). Look for under 10$ items to be instock and it ships. Look for 50+$ items and just place the other and wait for it...havent had a problem yet.


Its ok

The most up to date for new releases - very nice layout and pictures quality (wish the watermark didnt ruin things)
Price are ok depending on what you are looking for, though some items can be found cheaper elsewhere like toywiz, toyglobe, toydorks, bigbadtoystore etc. shipping is prompt.


Updates not frequent enough

Very good on the visual - updates from past series are not so nice.
Wish they would update their lines accurately comparing to Toy websites that sells their products.


Large Selection - Sketchy on Release Date

Vaste Selection on Toys and Collectibles: 5 Stars
Not recommended for Pre-Orders as Dates varies too much.
NOTE: warehouse is in WEST COAST: those who lives in the EAST or in CANADA beware of FEDEX inflated shipping.


Not as fast as Tumblr

Very customizable however very slow and heavy on the servers.
I've hosted several Wordpress blog - while its nice and sparkly it burns memory and resources. If you have this + online shop on the same shared server - beware!!!

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Very Good Selection for services

Pros: Domain and SSL very good pricing and cheap. SSL basic is 1/4th of the price of Verisign and GeoTrust.
Cons: The value of their hosting are not the cheapest and easiest to use. It doesnt have the same ease of usage as CPanel. Also EMAILS beware: limited space for the price you pay for.


No one uses it anymore - it should move on.

3 years of ICQ back in the days - however since everything is now tied to Facebook/MSN/YAHOO on the go ICQ is dead. Move on


Very Good Selection and pricing for online shoes

the most extensive line of online shoes for current fashion. Very recommended for those living the states. Not so recommended for Canadian shoppers: USA gets free shipping - Canada doesnt.

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