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Good website, products and price... slow delivery.

The online ordering process was hassle free as you would expect and I am very happy with the quality of the poster frames I ordered.

I was though somewhat annoyed with the 3 business days for the items to be sent for delivery, and then additionally 6 business days for arrival. Delivery for frames on their website is stated as "This can take up to 5 working days" and gave me the impression that this would be the total time for delivery after placing the order. Further, without being given a courier's tracking code to narrow down when the order might arrive, it meant having to stay at home longer than anticipated.

John Lewis

Should have bought TV from Richer Sounds

Ordered a TV on 26th December with delivery scheduled for 31st December. It so happened that the TV was not delivery on time but I accepted it as just owing to it being an extremely busy time of year.

By Monday 6th January I had still not received any communication or delivery from John Lewis so I phoned their customer services. The operator then informed me that the order was "stuck" within their processing system as it had not progressed onto the next status. She attempted to progress the order and flagged it as a priority order seeing as it was already approaching a week late for delivery. Finally, she mentioned that I should receive an email shortly and that if an email didn't arrive by the next day, I should call their customer services back.

Next day, having still received no such email, I phoned their customer services. Having had to explain the situation a second time, the operator then checked the order only to find that the order was still stuck. The initial suggestion was to merely cancel the order and for me to place it again. So a week after I was meant to take delivery, in effect I was being told that I was back at step one. Furthermore, a side issue with cancelling the order was that I had used a gift voucher towards payment and that I no longer had the gift voucher in my possession. (Seeing as I had never received any communication from John Lewis to suggest the order was problematic, I disposed of the voucher a week after I had placed the order). Although I was told the voucher would be added back onto my account, I explained that when I placed the order I was only a member of John Lewis' email newsletter. It was only after I had actually placed the order that their system suggested I added a password against my email address to create an actual online account. Having added a password however, my order never correctly showed up against my profile. Thus I was sceptical that cancelling the order would reimbursed the voucher. As such all the operator felt she could do was escalated my issue to a manager and take my contact details.

Again the next day, having had no communication from John Lewis, I phoned their customer services. The operator then informed me that the order had already been cancelled by John Lewis and that I should place an identical order. With regards to my vouchers, I would receive them in the post but should allow 21 days for delivery. TV from second order finally arrived 16 days after I expected original delivery.

I accept that mishaps happen from time to time but what I find frustrating it that once an issue had been identified, why John Lewis didn't take the effort to ensure that the matter was properly rectified. Indeed, not once did John Lewis take the initiative to check the order either when it failed to be delivered on time, or after I called the first time. At every stage, I was having to contact them. I wrote a complaint to John Lewis whereby their only response was that their processing system didn't allow them to check for stuck orders and that they would look into this the next time they upgraded their system. No real apology, not even a £5 voucher having placed a £600+ order.

Slane Cycles

Will definitely shop at Slane Cycles again.

Ordered a new pair of Mavic road cycling shoes. Item arrived quickly and exactly as described. Would buy again from seller without hesitation.

Good selection, easy to order process, much cheaper than the cost at the vets.

I buy a specific "prescription diet" for my aging Alsatian. I found MedicAnimal to offer the same product and indeed in larger sized bags compared to the vets and at half the price.

Coupled with an easy to navigate website (as you'd expect these days), standard ordering process, and quick delivery, hard to see why I'd switch.

Great special offer, fast delivery

Was looking for a particular whey protein tub and found it on special offer at Muscle Finesse at more than 20% discount compared to anywhere else I could find it online at the time.

Easy, clear ordering process and quick delivery. My delivery also included a bonus promo sample. Would certainly order from Muscle Finesse again.

Competitive prices, easy ordering process, quick payment.

I've now used FoneBank 3 times in all. Before I send each handset for recycling I dig around online for the best price. FoneBank usually have one of the best rates give or take a quid. However, as I often pass through central London, FoneBank has won each time as I can personally hand in my old handsets at their Holborn centre. (Thus saving me the cost of sending the handset via special delivery, ~£6 these days).

Clear website, fair prices, quick delivery.

Ordered a replacement blade for my lawnmower which arrived within a couple of days. Was very pleased with the item and the whole process that I ordered an additional spare. Wouldn't hesitate to order from them again!

Great website, products and speedy delivery

The GearZap website is clear and easy to navigate as you would expect. Ordering was simple and the product arrived, brand new and exactly as described, very promptly.

To add to this, for the competitive price paid, I am very please with the quality and design of the product purchased. GearZap will definitely be one of the first sites I visit should I need any mobile phone/tablet accessories again in future.

Dolphin Fitness

Good website, quick delivery.

I regularly buy the same major brand sports supplements which many online websites stock. Therefore one of my main criteria between different websites is often price and/or what bundle deals happen to be running. Dolphin Fitness has become one of my main "go to" sites as it often has slightly cheaper prices (£1-£2 per tub 5lb protein tub) and additionally will thrown in a small extra (protein bar, shaker etc). Free delivery tends to be standard with many websites and next delivery tends to be thrown in when buying bundles. Dolphin Fitness is no exception here.

In summary, the whole ordering process is quick, easy and my purchases come quickly!


Much, much cheaper when available

Was tempted to purchased a second pair of 2XU cycle shorts when they were on sale via SportPursuit. I purchased my original pair for £90 (when already on sale on a different website, RRP £100). On SportPursuit they were only £60 for exactly the same product.

Note I have only given 4/5 stars because, i. you have to keep checking what deals are currently running on SportPursuit, and ii. because delivery is not instant, (you have to wait for the deal to close on the website and this can add a week or more onto the delivery time).

Overall, if you're not in a rush and enjoy grabbing a bargain SportPursuit is great!

Pay a bit extra for the customer service.

I've been purchasing from Wiggle for 5 or so years now and have always been satisfied. I admit that you can sometime get a cheaper price elsewhere, even when Wiggle holds a special deal on, but for any larger purchases (£100 +), I'd always pay the extra for the customer service and peace of mind.

I place between 4 to 6 orders a year, on average each with a few items, and over the years I have only been sent the wrong item once. (Of course I was able to get a replacement as expected). I also sometime order clothing and have been able to exchange for a different size when needing to without fuss.

The best example I can give of Wiggle's customer service was when I ordered an end of season 2010 triathlon bike. It was reduced from £1600 to £1000 and I was very happy with my purchase. However, within a week or so the price further dropped down to £900. (Despite the great deal I got, it's still always annoying when this happens!) So with nothing to lose I contacted Wiggle. Without hesitation, and notably without and real obligation to, they gave me £100 in vouchers to use on their website. I genuinely don't think many other companies would have gone that extra distance for their customers.

The only real annoyance I've had with them was when I pre-ordered an item that was "awaiting stock". In the end when Wiggle's original estimated delivery had been exceeded by a month, I simply cancelled the order through my online account. When the original estimated delivery had been exceeded by a week though, I did contact Wiggle and they did inform me that it was a matter of them taking delivery from the supplier in the first place. So really, I don't hold this against them. It could have happened with any other website when the item in question is pre-ordered.

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Echo Supplements

Excellent prices and quick delivery

I generally stick to Reflex products and found Echo to be one of the best websites on price. With my particular order I qualified for free next day delivery which arrived on time and I also received regular email updates as my order was being processed. My order also came with a free protein bar which was an unexpected nice touch.

Would buy from Echo again without hesitation.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Reply from Echo Supplements

Thank you Anthony I hope you enjoyed the free bar!


Purchase what you want quickly and without any hassle.

Great range, competitive prices, friendly service, quick delivery.

You get the sense that you're buying from people who are themselves fitness enthusiasts who know more about the products and supplements they're selling compared to a comparable websites which just act as storefronts.

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