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Wonderful breeder, great dogs!

I purchased a schnoodle from Mileen in August of 2009, and we named him Harley. He is my first dog I have had since becoming a mother, 10 years ago. I was so neverous going through the whole process, this was going to be a dog for my family. I reasearced some dogs and decided it was the breed I wanted because of numerous reasons (hypoallergenic, small, therapeutic, and not a big barker).Next thing I had to do was find a breeder. I had never done this before, then I found fancypoos4u website. After reading through all her info I felt very positive and decided to call her. Mileen was so sweet. She answered all and any question I had about the schnoodle breed, and her schnoodles. I was also very nervous because I live in RI so the puppy would have to be shipped. She put my fear at ease and I was ready to see pictures adn make my payment. A few weeks later our little baby was flown into us. He has been a big part of our lives ever since. I have 2 kids (10 and 7) and my oldest is disabled because of behavioral problems and some medical issues. One of his medical issues is an autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata. With Alopecia areata your hair falls out and never grows back, my son has had this since age 3 and he is completely bald. Alot of people stare and kids make fun of him. Harley has made Cody more happy. When ever Cody has a bad day he knows when he gets home his BF will be there for him no matter what. Both of my kids call him their brother....lol Thats how much a part of the family he is. He was potty trained quick and I was very suprised (since I had never trained a dog) He is not an early riser in the morning, he stays in bed untill my husband and I arer both up, and even goes under the covers with us at night (sleeps right in the middle), he is very spoiled. His personality is so curious but sweet and he is a great protector of us and our home. Everyone who meets Harley enjoys him. i still send Mileen pictures and stay in touch. If I ever get a dog I will not go through anyone else. I have had nothing more then a positive interaction all the way around. Great Breeder, Great dog!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family. Thank you for everything. The Nettleton/Cota family.

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