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its ok, but can you trust the reviews?

a website messed me around with my order so i looked them up on google which lead me to here.
i've been shopping online alot recently and the reviews here have helped me alot with deciding who to buy goods from and who to steer clear of.

(however with people posting so many reviews with pretty much the same spammy reviews i don't know how much i can trust the reviews on here, scrapping the whole 'our friends ranking' section would probably lead to more honest reviews and not people seeking 'fame' or maybe make people elaborate more on their experiences).

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cheap prices

With Boohoo its kinda hit or miss.
Some clothes are cheap tat which you can't really tell until you get them and others are fantastic and you can't believe you got so cheap.

Recently I've ordered a dress for £30 and to look at you'd expect it to cost at least double that and a denim jacket for £7.50 both of those were of high quality.. but I've also ordered a jacket in the past with button holes too small for the actual buttons and t shirts which are see through but not at all on the models.

Since the sites gotten popular the prices have rocketed but they do have sales on alot of the time.

Delivery has always been great for me, usually 2 days even if i ordered late at night.

I've only ever had one problem with Boohoo.. A refund didn't go through but after contacting them through email they rectified that for me straight away, so i would say their customer service is very good.


good fun!

I've been playing on here for years now.
If you have a young child there are loads of fun educational games to play plus a 'jnr' account limits what they can/can't access (gambling games/forums etc).
The Habitarium is a great feature I've spent hours watching my little mootix working away.
The only annoying thing is the amount of adverts on there now, but I suppose if you want it for free you have to put up with it.
highly addictive fun for all ages!



A huge range of items available, fast delivery and fair prices, used the site on several occasions and never once had a problem.


Awful service

'Very' sent me an email with a code for £30 off, redeemed the code and got no discount, turns out the discount comes off my NEXT order, the email said nothing about that and implied that it was for my current order.

Took advantage of a '3 for 2' on tops offer, only came to £16 total for 3 tops.. oh plus £3.95 delivery.. only 2 tops came as the other was out of stock.. two weeks later the other top turned up, charged me another £3.95 for delivery and tried to charge me another £8 for the top, argued it and they knocked the £8 off like they should (esp as the promotion is still running!) but still got charged the £3.95! so in the end payed £8 delivery which was the price of one of the so-called 'free tops'!

Used a buy now pay next year code, tried to pay it off they said I have to wait until the following month, following month I tried and i'm charged interest.

When trying to order by phone they keep trying to sell you other items, even if you say you don't want anything else they still try to pressure you into their overpriced junk!
They're always phoning to tell me about their awful promotions that i do not care about, i ask them not to but next day i'll get the same call from another person.

Delivery costs far too much, esp when it takes a week to get here, I live in a main city not out in the country or anything like that so I have no idea why it takes so long. has put me off using any other catalogue, they are awful.

PointShop A/S

Very slow to earn points

I used to use this website as it had small 'cheap' rewards that you could claim in a short amount of time.
Just for opening an email from them you earn 2 points, if I'm lucky I'll get 1 email a week, it used to be alot more.
Their prices have gone up by alot, 1 small packet of haribo used to be 70 points, now 150 points. To redeem for just 1 packet of tic tacs it costs 460 points.
Takes too long to earn enough points to get something worth a couple of pence.


REMEMBER to shop through it!

Very easy to earn points, you can sign up for newsletters, answer surveys, watch & rate videos or just simpy click through a link on their website and do your normal online shopping.
There are loads of companies listed on there, whether you want a takeaway, holiday or a new pair of shoes, you'll find something.

I've been with maximiles for a number of years now (previously ipoints) and out of all the reward sites I've been with this is the only one I've stuck with (and hasn't stopped sending me surveys when I'm close to earning a reward like others have!).

A few times I've forgotten to shop through here and missed out on points, I'd recommend setting the site as your homepage or adding a sticky note reminder to your desktop so you don't too.
If you only do the activities around the site (surveys/videos/email bonus) it can be slow to earn points but you should have enough to redeem a dvd in a short time.
Just remember to shop through it, you will earn loads of points in no time and be able to redeem for some fantastic items (or even high street vouchers)


fast service!

Despite the website saying the packaging is discreet I was still a little worried, however they were true to their word, plain packaging, on the side of the label it said [company name removed] in a tiny font which most people wouldn't even notice.

I placed my order around 4am on monday and qualified for First Class Royal Mail Tracked delivery (1-2 working days) .. my order came the following day before 11am.

The items are of high quality and if you check out the 'deal of the day' you can grab yourself a bargain for a few quid!

Overall this was a pleasant shopping experience with no embarrassment from shopping instore.


cheaply priced items shame they don't come

i'd heard of the site so assumed i'd be fine using it, wasn't until after i placed my order that i even thought to read a review, found loads of bad ones and a few good ones, but seeing as how i already ordered thought i could be one of the lucky ones and get my stuff.
my order status changed the following day, thought my order is coming, few days later get an email saying they arnt sending either of my items and to contact them.... but also they will keep trying to get hold of one and not to contact them for 10 days? wth?
just googling the top line of my email got me loads of people with the same problem, site seems happy enough to take your money but they don't have any of the items instock despite saying so!
used this site for the sake of saving £2, not worth the hassle at all. avoid website and stick to one you can trust.

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