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Really bad

My brother and I ordered from the American Eagle website once, and it will be the first and only time I ever do so. We ordered a few pairs of pants and some hoodies off the website, and with tax and shipping it came to around CDN $350, there were supposed to be no additional charges. After we ordered, but before the order was shipped, three of the items it said were sold out on the website. I figured that was because we had purchased them. The delivery was supposed to only take about 2 days to process and then arrive here within two weeks. Well after two weeks of it "processing" and after 3 calls, it finally said it had shipped. We waited another two months to receive the packages, only to see that the three items that it said were sold out weren't in our packages, yet we were still charged for them. We contacted AE.com and they said they shipped them separately since they were temporarily out of stock. They charged us separately for the price of the three items and didn't refund us for what they charged for them when they weren't sent. Then when the three items arrived we were charged an additional border fee that AE said we wouldn't have to pay. All in all it was a pretty terrible experience, I'll only go to the store in person.


Could be better, come on Canada.

Their urgent shipping and fast shipping methods suuuuuuuck. The three times I've used it the packages have gotten lost. I had no option in using the urgent overnight method the second two times. If you just ship it through a mail box, or take it to the post office to send at regular speed, it actually doesn't take that long, depending on distance, to arrive somewhere. But I'm just a little disappointed, because the 3 times I've had to use the one method that is supposed to be the fastest, the packages disappeared.


Very good

Have used a few times, I found it was more user friendly than Travelocity and got me exactly what I wanted in certain rooms at certain hotels. Needless to say they offered cheaper rates than when I called the hotels themselves. Very impressed.



The packing, first off, was excellent, it was like 3 boxes inside of each other with nice packing. They are the cheapest on the net for what I was looking for and they have an amazing variety of literally everything. My only complaint is that, although I live in Canada I sort of understand, it took a little more than two weeks total time, about 11 business days, to arrive. Not much of a complaint really, was just really anticipating it. But I am happy everything I ordered was correct and neatly packed. Thank you CRC.


Decent dealership, few problems

If this is your type of clothing, it is a decent dealership. On the negative, their packing methods are lacking in neatness sometimes, and the shipping always usually takes anywhere from 2 weeks to almost 2 months to deliver. But positively, their prices are rather cheap, when I had ordered from them they had a wide selection of different brands that my brother and I happened to want to order from. Not perfect, but not bad either.


User friendly, great community!

Aside from some assholes, as there are on every website, DeviantART is great! The layout is user friendly, the community is great and I have had an account on there for a few years now. It is also really well priced for clothing and other merchandise you want to purchase. Great website.


Pretty bad.

Ok, well I had ordered twice from drjays on the same day, apparently not allowed to edit the order I had just placed before it had even begun processing, but that was fine. My first order was 100 CDN and with tax and shipping came to about 125 CDN. The second order was 45 CDN and with tax and shipping came to 60ish CDN. A few days later the first order was shipped and it said everything was fine, but then the next day it said that my second order had shipped, but that it was 60 CDN, and about 75 CDN with tax and shipping. I was kind of confused and mailed drjays, they said they had changed the price before my order was processed, but it was not that way on the website, which was not changed for another two days. Then about a month and a half later the first package came, and the mailman said I had to pay 25 CDN in border fee's and such for drjays to ship it over, which I mailed drjays about and they said they would reimburse my card, which they never did. And well, the second package? It just never showed up.



Well here where I live in Canada, my friends and I are really into biking, but the local bike shops kind of suck, and are waaaay overpriced when they have things we want. Obviously there are better deals out there on the internet, just gotta shop around a little. I ordered 3 times from 2 different websites, ordering bike parts and such. The one site I used shipped from FedEx, and was delivered in 2 business days from the bottom of the United States to here in North Western Ontario, Canada. The other website shipped with FedEx as the cheapest option, I then ordered from that website again 2 days later and payed extra for quick DHL shipping, the FedEx got here first, in fact it only took 5 business days from the UK to here. The DHL Express took about 2 weeks. I was quite amazed.


That was fast (and not what she said).

I searched around the internet for a few things to purchase for my bike, JensonUSA and Chainreactioncycles were the two sites that were the cheapest and had the best reviews on the net, so for some of what I needed, I ordered from CRC, for the others I ordered from Jenson. I placed my order around 8 PM on a Thursday, the order was processed and shipped by 3 PM on the Friday, and delivered to my house at 12:30 PM the following Tuesday. I live in North Western Ontario, and the package came from Memphis, Tennessee. Regardless to say I am impressed, my only complaint is that it could have been packaged better, rather than just thrown in a FedEx box, but nothing happened so I have no complaints.

edit: April 11th, I made another order about a week ago, 2 days after I placed my order the package had arrived, and it was very well packed with lots of protection. What I like to see, rating changed from 4 to 5.


Can't get much better.

My mother is a Nurse, so is my cousin and my sister in law. They all get me to order scrubs and different things they need for work for them online. They usually use three different websites, two offer Purolator, UPS, DHL or FedEx and one offers Purolator, Parcel Force or DHL. Needless to say I have tried all of the shipping companies and the best 3 are Purolator, UPS and FedEx. I must say Purolator may not be as quick as UPS or FedEx, but the package always looks nice upon arrival.

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