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My 1st choice

Good choice, staff, prices and layout. Never fail to impress me. Friendliest supermarket staff of any of the chains. Even their own brands are edible.

Scan Computers

Does the job....

and does it well. Not a site aimed at general users but those that are technicall minded should cope fine. Put simply the site is written in "tecnological terms" if you want simplicity, and overcharging then use PC World. Not always the best price but are usually there or there abouts. Always deolievered on time and good communication.


A fallen giant

Once the best out there, but have sadly lagged behind. I now avoid at all costs. It seems a once proud company has given up on the basics like customer service, customer satisfaction and reliabeility. Shame as they once were good.

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Gets it right, every time!

As above. On time always, and never damaged in transit or incorrect item. Used countless times and have never been anything but satisfied. They have survived when so manyothers went under and this is because what they do they do right.

Richer Sounds

First choice every single time.

Knowledgable and etremely helpful staff with down to earth attitude, quite clearly the produict of good staff training and investment. Staff are enthusiasts just like the customers so makes the whole transaction more worthwhile. Price is normally the best and their after purchase warrenty is unrivaled as if you dont use it for 5 years you get your money back! I find myself going their even in the rare times that they are not cheapest.


Specialists in...........

not a lot it would seem. They have the tools but they don't know how to use them. eUse Maplin if you know what you need and need itu in oa hurry. The price is expensive but it is more an electronics convenience store. Staff have no idea about anything, but they are friendly which does add some weight to score.


Why can't I vote 0 stars!

Fail, fail, fail and fail again. Wrong products time and time again. Overcharged time and time again. Delivered too early or far too late too often. Products damaged. I will stop now as the memories are too sore, never, ever again.


Not the best but offer value

Not the best coverage, sometimes poor in rural areas but they offer value for money. Very hit and miss on the customer ervices front. Sometimes great and sometimes diabolical.


Pleasent holiday

Used them for a last minute trip to Prague. Hotel exceeded expectations and more than lived up to review. Everything was organised and made the break very stress free for me. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for in life.


Staff personality bypass

You hear all the bad reviews, well experience them first and you will see so many people don't lie. I have low expectations from a low cost airline but does it really cost so much in effort to smile? Perhaps the company should invest more in their staff and this could be avoid. Cheap, but not cheerful.


Quality everytime

Items allways arrive when expected, the one time it didn't I was well compenssated by customer services, who wre apologetic and helpful. Products of good taste quality, range and price. I only use the one company now since a recomendation from a friend. I have also converted many friends. Simply the best nutritional supplement supplier for the money.

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