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ChatandVision Ltd.

Didn't reply to my email about wrong pricing

I was redirected to this website from the website, wishing to purchase a Skype Phone. The price on the website was different than the price showing on so I emailed them to make them aware of the issue, and to ask which price is valid. I didn't get a response, which I think is rather rude. Clearly they have enough business that they don't really want new customers! Very disappointing. My ticket ID is AKK-172-37714 if chatandvision read this.


Pleased to say I had a good experience with these guys

I initially intended on buying just a poster, but ended up buying it framed too so eventually ended up making about a £90 order. I checked TrustPilot after making my order and my heart sank reading all of the 1-star reviews!

I have to say though, my experience was very positive. I received my framed poster within the specified time, and it came well packaged and the framed poster looks great on the wall. The frame is slightly darker than I expected, but it's not really a big issue.

The website has some great functions on it to allow you to mix-and-match your posters with their frames and you can see the company have obviously invested a lot of money to allow this to work in the way it does.

I dropped one star from my review, because as numerous other people have said, the company does appear to be deceitful in that they don't make it clear that this is not a UK-based company and if you did want to return your order, you would have to incur much expense getting it sent back to the mainland Europe. I think this company really should be more transparent and make it clear where the item is being shipped from, and warn customers about the costs to return it. All businesses who trade on the Internet need to show this level of openness to their customers.

Other than that, I am happy with my purchase, and will probably make another order in the future.


Am I really the first to review this company?

I wanted to take a few moments to write a review for this site because I found them to be an excellent retailer to kit out my new place with all sorts of lovely stuff.

They have a really wide range of products, from their own budget range (why pay more?) up to some more stylish and premium products - so there's something for everyone.

The website is really easy to use, is modern and I had no problems using it from finding products, adding them to the basket and proceeding through the checkout.

I did encounter a delivery issue (Which was the fault of the delivery company) but after a call to their office I quickly got through to a very pleasant and friendly lady who was happy to go and investigate my issue and phone me back with a resolution.

I'd have no hesitation to recommend this company, and would say check them out before you visit the High Street as their prices are much, much more competitive! It's websites like this that are the reason why the High Street continues to decline!


WOWZERS This is the worst company I have ever come across!!!!

I'm so glad I've managed to cancel my contract within the 7 days period.

I signed up for their promotion which had 9 months half price. I received my contract in the post a week later which only stated it was half price for only 6 months. This is when my problems started.

There was only an 0845 number I could find to contact them. I had to phone this on my mobile so started paying at great cost this error which Virgin Media caused. After being lost in the phone system for 10 minutes, it appeared to crash and I lost the call.

After some time I managed to find a "call me back" service on their website. They called back - thinking I wanted to add services to my account. They redirected me to what can only be described as the worst Indian call centre I had ever encountered. The line quality was horrific, and the person I was speaking to barely knew what I was talking about.

She came across as extremely rude and did not seem to understand that the contract needed changing to 9 months. It's only when I started shouting at her that she said she could change the contract.

That wasn't the end of it.

During sign up, the only address that matched my property in the list was "FLAT A" when my flat is called "GROUND FLOOR FLAT". I told the woman this and she said that I would need to cancel my account, and sign up again.

When I told her this was not an option, she simply ignored me and said I need to be transferred to another person to have my new account set up. Only at shouting at her, she could understand I did not want to set up a new account.

I told her I was cancelling and was going to phone up Sky. Did she care? No - in fact, I don't think she even knew what the word "Sky" meant. She did not care in the slightest that I didn't want to set up another account as I would have to wait 2 more weeks for an installation date.

IN SHORT. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIFIC! If you just try speaking to anyone from the company as an existing customer, and you'll soon see what this company is all about.

I am completely shocked by my experience, and today I see Sir Richard Branson as a very different character than I did.



Avoid avoid avoid

Have you ever heard the phrase "Too good to be true?" I get the feeling this is often the case for the kind of deals that appear on this website, and similar ones such as Groupon.

My main problem with Wowcher is that I paid for 2 vouchers for a massage, "redeemed" the vouchers and then simply could not get the massages booked because the supplier was refusing to answer the telephone, or when they did, were stating they didn't have any free appointments.

I contacted Wowcher expecting they would be on my side, but instead simply stated that the voucher had been redeemed so no refund could be made. They really could not care about my situation in the slightest.

I then emailed them on 2 additional occasions but they simply ignored my email.

It's interesting isn't it, because my money must have gone somewhere - and I suspect most likely it's sat in Wowcher's bank account!

I know it's tempting to "get a bargain" but just think of all of the hassle you'll encounter if things do go wrong. Far better to cut the middle man out (ie, Wowcher) and go directly to the supplier. They are far less likely to do you over than a huge faceless organisation like Wowcher.

Very dissapointing.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reply from

Good Morning,

We are very sorry to hear that you have not yet had a response to you latest email.

We are currently working to a 5 working day response time and your email has been received and we respond in chronological order to ensure fairness to all customers.

If you check your emails shortly you should have a reply.

Kind Regards


Best of Theatre

I'm normally a little dubious of ticket agent websites

Excellent website, and really easy to use. I purchased Row A stall tickets for "Ghost: The Musical" at a really reasonable price.

A great thing about using this website is that you know which seats you're booking. So you won't get caught out with crap places to sit.

Remember to do your research to find the best seats depending on the show and the theatre - there is plenty of information to find out there.

Would definitely recommend and I'll be using again.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Reply from

Thanks for your review! We hope you enjoyed the show.


WORSE BIKE SHOP EVER. Only use if you are an idiot!

I bought a bike about a month ago and from the moment I entered the store it was a terrible experience. This review could go on, but I'm just going to highlight issues:

1) Staff were not professional and had no enthusiasm to want to serve anyone. People should be thankful they have a job nowadays but you wouldn't have thought that. Check it out yourself, Chiswick London branch!

2) Wrong lights were fitted on the bike

3) My seat bag wasn't screwed on. Mud guard was not screwed on.

4) Front wheel came lose whilst I was driving in busy traffic and now wheel is slightly buckled

5) I was charged TOO MUCH, staff were using their mobile phone calculator to apply a 20% discount I had from bike manufacturer

6) 2 weeks in, issues arising with gear changes and chain coming off

DO NOT get your bike assembled by Halfords. This is especially true if you are getting a bike for a child. Do not trust them with you or your childs life.


A good experience

I ordered a few bike accessories and found the website easy to use and the prices seemed competitive.

It is a shame they can't specify which day the order is expected to arrive, but I went ahead and it turns out it arrived in a few days.

On another note, I recently visited Evans in CHISWICK and found the staff to be friendly and helpful. I had such a bad experience with Halfords I wish I had given Evans my initial business.

Just made an additional £150 order from Evans website and paid £4 for express delivery, hopefully it will all arrive and in good time.


Not last minute and not worth the extra cost

I bought the experience for "Afternoon Tea at Kensington Palace" and found that:

a) They send you a voucher in the post, which may take up to 5 days. So if you are looking for something last minute, do not buy from

b) The price "on the door" is actually cheaper than buying with You also have more choice if you pay "on the door" as there are numerous different types of tickets, and afternoon teas.

The experience itself was great, but I would not buy from again.

Lydia found this review useful


Very scared to use this company.. but was plesantly surprised.

I ordered a netbook from via their website as they had one of the lowest prices on the web.

After making my purchase I came on to Trustpilot and was shocked at reading the reviews! I tried to cancel my order, but you couldn't - unless you telephoned their premium telephone number; yeah right!

Amazingly, my order was delivered within a couple of days, and without a problem.

The reason do not get 5 stars is that they don't specify when they will despatch the goods and secondly that they want to rip off their customers with a premium telephone number.

With that said, I did receive my order. So well done,

Now all you need to do is specify a shipping date, remove the premium telephone number. Last, but not least, go visit a priest and ask them if it is actually morally right to charge 39.7% interest to people who are, most likely, the least able to afford it.


Good Price but lacking as an online retailer

You'd think with all the money behind them that this company would be able to provide a much better shopping experience and be more up to date with modern e-commerce technology.

I bought a PC DVD game because it was one of the cheapest online retailers out there (and beat Amazon) so I went ahead and made a purchase.

I noticed a few problems, firstly, they didn't specify when the order would be despatched, or what delivery company they would use. They simply said "In stock. usually despatches in 24 hours"

It turns out they sent the item Royal Mail Second Class. Why a retailer would force this option on a consumer is beyond me. I bought the item, i obviously want it to come as soon as possible, not in a second class slow service.

I actually looked at returning this item, due to having to wait 2 extra days for it to arrive, but it seems there are NO return instructions with the parcel, and after looking through their site, I found the returns policy within the FAQ. It seems you have to phone up their 0845 number if you want to return it. So in otherwords, using a mobile, I would have to pay a premium just to call them.

Did I receive the goods at a good price - Yes
Did i get them in an acceptable time frame, and did it seem easy to "change my mind"? - No
Would I buy from again? No


I've always used MyProtein. Recently I looked around for a competitor (as I couldn't find any valid discounts or offers) but all the other websites I came across seemed tacky and difficult to navigate. I trust Myprotein's products, they have always worked well for me and because I can choose the type of delivery company, I select one that I know delivers well in my area. I can't see myself ever using any different company for all my protein supplies. Nice work guys.

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