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Groom Pro

Excellent pet grooming business software

Our company, Snips Mobile Grooming, has been using this software for a while now and we love how easy it is to use. Making appointments is fast and simple, searching clients is a breeze, and the expense tracking section is invaluable to our business. We love the online client application! Not having to manually enter every client leaves more time to groom, thereby allowing us to make more money! Highly recommended!

ErgoJoy Therapeutic Insoles

It really is like a foot massage while you walk!

I was approached by a nice girl at a mall kiosk here in Myrtle Beach offering a free foot analysis and demo of the insoles. I agreed, and the analysis found some high pressure points on my feet. I decided to test the company's gel inserts, which felt a bit strange at first. However, after only a few steps during my test walk with them was enough to begin feeling the massaging action the company had claimed.

I don't have any back or hip problems, so i can't make any reference to their claims of helping back and hip pain, but they definitely feel good on the feet!


The fastest servers

I've been in / around web development for over 12 years and Media Temple is by far the fastest server i have every used (base DV setup). I had many problems with server configs when launching my website last year, and even though it was beyond the scope of support - the guys over there helped get me up and running. Thanks for the gear =^)


Beyond Customer Service

I have been a crutchfield customer for about 12 years now. Every time i have shopped with, ordered from, or even had to return items to Crutchfield, the experience was bar-none. Just a thanks to you Bill (Crutchfield), for the amazing company you have built

Wiki Pet

There when we needed it!

I have been around pets (mostly dogs) for over 15 years, and many of my friends consider me to be a reliable go-to-guy when their pets have problems. I found this site while searching for a way to help my friend who's dog had just eaten over 5 Benadryl and other random vitamins. I was directed to "drug poisoning" and found helpful information on the topic, but i feel that the treatment suggestion may have saved poor Baileys life. They recommended (because of the type of poisoning and the length of time since eating the Benadryl) that we induce vomiting and also explained how. Sure enough, Bailey pukes back up the pills and lives to see another day! Thanks Wiki Pet!

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Mr Krom
Male, 1980
Myrtle Beach, United States


I'm all about pets, computers, working out and martial arts - hate big busines, love the underdog!