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Does not adhear to ICANN domain transfer policy (negative 5)

They refuse to allow my domain to transfer nor provide another way to verify domain ownership to enable you to transfer it. There is no way to opt-out of a 60 day hold on your account as you cannot make changes without agreeing to this - so basically as a customer you are forced to agree to terms.

Here are the ICANN policy links:
If they are citing a 60-day hold based upon a change to your WHOIS registrant information, that is not allowed by ICANN's transfer rules (, and we would highly recommend either filing a complain with ICANN ( and/or contacting GoDaddy and demanding that they remove the lock on your domain and allow it to transfer.

I work with multiple freelancers and site developers and i will never tire of telling this to any client etc. I am asked to give advise on site development all of the time. Thumbs down. I called. I talked. I emailed this company. I also filed a complaint with ICANN and the BBB. Posted on their Facebook wall. Tweeted. Basically i have 60 days to voice my opinion, and if they won't allow my domain to transfer then that is the only recourse.

***As a business owner, they don't have your interest in their interest. ***Not recommended.

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