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Helped me out

i was looking for ages for a costume but these guys really made it easy the site was easy to use with a big range and the person on the emails was very good
will use again also i would say are also very good

Roomsnet International Limited

Hotelroom cancelled no information

we had our hotel cancelled on our last lads holiday and all i got was a email saing we had to book somewhere else i was angry because i felt a phone call would have been best as not everyone checks their mail, i called the hotel in spain and they said roomsnet hadnt paid for the room despite us paying like 5 months in advance.
was so angry but travelrepublic offered to match the roomsnet price and they were great so i now always use and would say

travelrepublic are MUCH MUCH better


Oh my days

i use ryanair because they are cheap and i dont exspect any service when im only flying for a few hours but they are crap all over from warm drinks they cost £3.50 for a tiny can to some of the staff being thick as
starting using easyjet still crap but better than paying to much

Travel Republic

Lads holiday Booked

use to use roomsnet until they canceled our room at the last minute (they hadnt paid the hotel even though we paid like 5 months in advance)
we then used Travel Republic who were abit more but the service is top notch and im always happy to pay abit more if the service/customer care is good.
we booked our second lads hol with them this year and we shall even be booking the transfer's with them as they are pretty cheap

would def use again and again and they have that rating thing so if they go bust your covered


If you earn more than £1200 a month USE FIRST DIRECT

I have been with Abbey & Natwest both i hated i could never get help and when i called i ended up speaking to someone who's english was rubbish with first direct you always get a english person and better still they are so nice and helpful

once my card got stuck in a cashmachine in chelmsford ( i live in southend) and i only had £10 cash i thought i would be stuck in the streets all night but i called FD and got through to them (about 1am) they cancelled my card and then helped me transfer £50 to a taxo driver to take me home :)

i would say to everyone and anyone THIS IS THE BEST BANK IN THE WORLD


another top company

I use vistaprint for all my business stuff the only thing thats annoying is the cost of the letter head i suggest you reduce this then i can spend even more with you lol

Always makes the lads laugh

Hi always use moonpig even though they are abit dearer i think theyservice/work is worth it i always make the spoof cards for the lads bdays and its soooo funny


great help

helped my company with a new phone system we are very pleased and the price was great

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