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Cow Boom is really a Flop...

Apparently Cowboom has put their customer service "out to pasture" because I certainly never got any help. Much of what is available via this Internet site are returned/restocked/re-furbished items from the retailer Best Buy. Since they didn't make a profit on the first sale of the item, they seemed determined to make sure that doesn't happen to them again! While their listed prices seem competitive, their bogus add-on shipping charges drive final check-out totals into the ridiculous column. Order two of the same product....offered, stored and shipped from the same warehouse...and you'll pay two shipping fees, but receive only one package with both items. If you should question this practice with a call to their "customer service", all you get is an unapologetic "that's our company policy" answer, no matter how high p the chain you try to take your complaint. Doubled shipping charges, added to a very slow order turn-around rate, and condescending customer service..... My recommendation: don't be bullied and udderly frustrated dealing with Cowboom, mooove along to a more responsive and appreciative retailer.


You need it? They got it!

One of the top computer, electronics & home shopping sites I've discovered on the Internet. They offer a large, wide-ranging selection of products at excellent prices. Their order turn-around time is fast, shipping charges reasonable (when their not offering a free-shipping deal), and customer service helpful & responsive. For their best deals, always check out the open-box/refurbished/clearance/returns offerings--the prices can blow you away, if they happen to have what you happen to be looking for at that moment. If they don't..keep coming back for another look because items change daily, at least!


Great selection and prices!

Almost without exception, if you can't find the vitamin or herbal supplement your looking for at Puritan, it's probably not commercially available! Prices--especially during their "buy one-get two free" sales--are extremely low, shipping is reasonable (or free, depending upon the offers available), turn-around time is fast, and customer service is friendly and helpful. I keep going back for my refills, and I think you will, too.

Friendly and Dependable

Partner and I have made a fair number of purchases from SnaggStuff over the last couple of years and, on every occasion, found their shipping and customer service to be equal to the best the Internet offers, and their prices reasonable, if not always the the lowest. I recommend their site regularly, and check it myself daily.

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