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World First Travel Insurance


I bought the travel insurance over the phone and it was painful. The sales assistance was boring and read out all the set questions like a parrot and had no real knowledge of what I was asking. it got to the point I almost told him to forget it. I was short of time and had to get the insurance. In future I will get it online and not talk to a sales person. Looking at my phone bill it has cost me over £3.00 in one phone call.
Not a thing to be repeated for sure. Too painful. I do understand you have to ask all the questions but show some interest and have some knowledge of what you are selling.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reply from World First Travel Insurance

Dear Ash

Thank you for your feedback, which we really do appreciate receiving.

I am sorry your experience with one of our male members of staff was not as you would like. Unfortunately we are so heavily regulated that we have no alternative but to use quite in-depth and sometime lengthy call scripts.

It sounds like you declared some existing medical conditions which would explain the length of the call. All sales of travel insurance are on a non-advised basis. Accordingly our team are unable to offer any advice as to which policy to buy or indeed how to answer the questions during medical screening.

As for the comments in respect of the tone and lack of knowledge I will be asking a Supervisor to try and locate a recording of your call for review as part of our Quality Assurance programme and to see if the member of staff concerned requires further ‘soft skill’ training.

With regards to the cost of your call that does surprise me. We generally use 0845 numbers as they enable us to react in the event of a disaster and offer us the ability to port calls to an alternative site should we need to. I am however reviewing this area of the business and hope in future to be able to offer an alternative.

If in your particular case you need to call us again then please dial 01392 287450 which is a standard BT number for Rothwell & Towler.

I hope this is satisfactory and very much hope you give us another chance next time you need some travel insurance.


Martin Rothwell
Managing Director

Tyre Shopper

Brilliant and Best way to buy tyres.

I researched on line and locally and found 'TYRE SHOPPER' The best for service and price. Also the information was very useful on the site, which is very easy to use indeed. I had the choice of my local fitters - to whom I had initially gone to and they were £100.00 more expensive for the same tyres - So getting the value for money and getting them fitted at the same place was a bonus. They even managed to bring the fitting to suit me - in three hours from buying. All I can say is anyone looking to buy tyres go to this site to buy. It will be worth it and save money at the same time. Really made my day.


Best tech gear on the planet

Got to have the best gear on the planet. About to buy the new i-Mac 27" and looking forward to using the fabulous computer.


Yahoo indeed

Yahoo is great wherever you are. Use it all the time in U.K and abroad. Always able to keep in touch and up-to-date with all my mail. Lots of new stuff on it all the time and very future thinking site.


Cash for shopping

Best cash back site in the world. Saved so much money and got nearly £1000 in cash back so far. Always recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you do any internet shopping you have got to go through this site. you will never regret it. Great service always.


Good site for information out of this world

great place to find all the information you need on any subject. You will be surprised what you will learn. Not true all the time but interesting.


Difficult to use site

very long winded and difficult site to use. Does not take you the gear you need information on but will suggest something it thinks you need. Very poor indeed.


If you need answers this is the place

I always go to this site if I have a need an answer. They always come up with something that is helpful. thanks guys.


some bizzar stuff

can get some great deals on this site. The prices are some times too good to believe and have made some good purchases.


Brilliant for getting in touch with all the family

Just visited Bali and Hong Kong and used Skype all the time to keep in touch with the family. Brilliant service and it is all free. It sure makes the world a small place.Keep it up Skype it is a well worth service you are providing.


good if you follow the rules to the point

Ryan air is good if you follow the rules to the point and do all they require. Not so good if you fall foul of their rules and can get expensive. No frills means no frills.


good for photo and electricals

QVC is the little known site for buying photographic and electrical gear. They give you all the cables and other accessories as part of the deal and if you change your mind you can return it with 30 days. Very good service all the time.


superb site for all my needs

Great site for buying on-line and free postage most of the time is great.
Such good delivery times and always the confirmation of order and payments. Grrrrreat site.


not so good all the time

google chrome is not so good. It keeps crashing and have to reboot it.


Amazing site for great deals

I have taken advantage of some great deals from
I get some cracking deals every week and it is hard to resist the deals on offer and I have recommended the deals to all the family and friends.
Anyone who has never taken advantage of this site please do so now as you will get some amazing deals.

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