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Pretty amazing was first time impression

Always thought these chain restaurants were all the same, but Prezzo is impressive. Good decor, clean, well thought out. Classy even. Bread and olives at followed by a really good Calzone, then frozen yoghurt. Price for 2 including wine and sparkling water was £55. A bargain for the ambience and quality of food. Highly recommended


Well protected in transit and arrived quick

Ordered a replacement lid for my Outback Excel barbecue - was only £12.50 but the old one is badly rusted as I keep it outside on the balcony of my apartment. Arrived well boxed and protected by bubble wrap and expanded foam - it could so easily have been damaged but for the care taken in packing. Great service too, arrived next day.


Knowledgeable staff, really detailed reports

One of my friends recommended checkmyfile to me - I hadn't heard of them to be honest. I had already tried Credit Expert after seeing their TV ads and frankly didn't think a Checkmyfile credit report could be any better, but wow! what a massive difference.

Their report is just so incredibly more detailed and shows information from two credit agencies side by side. I spotted a mistake at one of the agencies so I rang checkmyfile. Got through right away, the person at checkmyfile grasped the problem in seconds and said they would sort it out directly with one of the credit agencies, and told me how to sort it out with one of the others. Wonderful service, they seemed pretty experienced at sorting stuff out and gave me a lot of confidence.

They kept me informed with their progress with sorting things out regularly and eventually I got an email saying all was correct now and indeed when I checked again the job had been done.

Highly recommended, brilliant service and pretty good value


Really amazing service....for free

I took my mountain bike into Halfords as the chain had somehow got itself well and truly mangled after a nasty tumble. I asked if they could help, I'm sure that they must have wondered why I couldn't do it myself, but once they saw the extent of the mangling he said 'how on Earth did this get like this'. With all of their tools and with 2 people working on it for 20 minutes under my watchful eye (I really wanted to work out how to fix it if it happenned again), they got the thing back on and working properly. No moaning, just hard graft, determination, and on top of that they wouldn't take any payment for their trouble. I was really impressed for all the right reasons.

Handles 4 Doors Ltd

Fast service, exact product match

One of our door latches sheered off - I thought a new handle and mechanism would be required but I was able to buy just the latch itself from handles4doors - saving a bundle. The latch came the next day. Couldn't fault at all, great service.


Great store for Christmas shopping

Yes, Oxford Street can be a bit choked up, and yes, there are floors and floors of expensive clothing that most people will just igore, but the ground floor and basement floors are excellent places to find hard-to-get Christmas presents.

Go in the last week of November and there is usually a 20% or 10% discount week - you need to clip coupons to use in the store - find them on several sites.

The electrical department is a wonderful place to browse around and the assistants there are very helpful.

Veho Uk

A negative scanner that really does the trick

Highly recommend the Veho Smartfix negative and 35mm slide scanner. It's standalone, doesn't need to be connected to a PC, stores the scans to an SD card, and is remarkably quick. Smart unit includes fold up screen. Results are impressive. Tip - if you have any slightly scruffy slides or negatives, wash them first in warm water and detergent, carefully, and let air dry.


What all other banks should strive to be

Great service from people who take time to care. Transfer of account from Barclays was seamless and trouble free.

Have been with them for several months now, and wonder why I ever thought I'd need a local branch, this is the future of banking.


Woeful performance since big system change

Got 2 bills, one saying was in credit £200+, the other £157 owing. Took a phone call and a posted message to sort out, in the meantime still got an overdue reminder. Set up direct debit online - programming is rubbish - even though I have submitted an actual reading 10 days ago it wanted another. You have to put the date of the readings in twice! If you don't use actual readings, the estimated usage monthly payment was way more than needed.

Tip is always submit actual readings even if the site experience is not as slick as it could be.


Slow to pay out

Was attracted by the £10 joining bonus, and then went on to earn enough to get over the payout threshold. In all respects, pretty much on a par with Quidco in respect of rates and ease of use. Not any higher than 5 stars because when it came to paying out there are a number of administrative obstacles to overcome - I'd say they use some sort of breakage model to retain the commission longer than is necessary. Eventually got paid out though, but it was quite a wait.


Get on their mailing list for the best deals

A great way of buying wine on line - but the best bargains are to be had by signing up for their regular email which gives you the latest deals.

Buy several cases at once and have them delivered to your door - I have found the local shop (where online orders are sent) to be ultra helpful - ringing before delivery to ask about the delivery day and place to leave stuff etc.

If you like sauvignon blanc, their Fairleigh Estate Marlborough is exclusive and is incredible value.


Cheapest I have found and excellent email response time

I have used Carhire3000 three times now. I always search for hours and never seem to be able to beat their quote. As they list cars from several suppliers, it's easy to spot a bargain even if you don't do the leg work and shop around.

The first time I was given a very welcome upgrade to an Audi A4. The second, a virtually new car via Avis.

I've just booked for the third time and by mistake I forgot to uncheck the box for the Excess Damage Refund (approx £10 per day). I emailed to ask for this to be amended and got an almost immediate response, with another email coming in as well confirming the amended booking.

I really can't fault Carhire3000, they deserve to be very successful


Branch staff fine, online service is rubbish

Have been a customer for many years, I think I would be regarded as a good customer throughout.

Recently started to have trouble accessing my balances via the online service and got locked out. Went through the usual processes and got everything reset. Then after a short while of no problems, got locked out again, and reset everything. Then all ok for a while, and, you've guessed it, got locked out again.

Couldn't have happened at a worse time. I was unable to make online payments or transfers. I spoke with their centralised call centre, less than helpful.

So reluctantly I closed the account. Then got a letter saying they didn't recognise my signature. Had to visit local branch with passport etc to sort out. Believe me my signature has never changed, even the branch staff said that when I called.

No attempt to 'save' me as a customer. Clearly just a commodity, but the most concerning thing for me was the temporary inability to get to my money.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Reply from Barclaysmicrosites

Hi Wojtek,

We’ve just arrived here on Trustpilot and are very interested in the reviews left by our customers.

We’re sorry to hear you had trouble with our Online Banking service and we regret losing your custom as a result. It sounds like more should have been done to troubleshoot the issue you were facing and this is something we’ll share with our helpdesk.

All of your feedback is very much appreciated and will be taken on board in order to improve the services we offer. If you’d like to discuss this further or provide additional feedback, you’re welcome to email us at wr@barclays.com.

Kind regards



Truly outstanding, proactive service

This is a buildings insurance company with a big difference. I had some difficulty insuring my property because of a small stream that runs alongside my house. During times of high rain the stream becomes a wide lake, about 40m across, but it has never flooded.

When I originally took out cover, Hiscox took details online then called to discuss the stream. I explained carefully, they listened and asked really sensible questions. They put me on risk for no additional premium.

Then when my locality suffered severe floods, they proactively phoned me to ask if my property had been affected and whether I needed any help. It hadn't, and I didn't,. but I felt reassured by the call.

The premium may be a little more than the cheapest around, but in my opinion it's worth it for peace of mind.


The only online train ticket to provide Airmiles

Checking for fares on trainline, redspottedhanky and mytrainticket showed no difference in prices at all.

mytrainticket took my business for 3 main reasons.

- they give Airmiles
- they don't charge a booking fee
- their site is easy to use

Highly recommended

Tesco Credit-card

Was great, but now just good

The Tesco Credit Card is pretty middle of the road in many respects. A 16.9% interest rate as I write, and for new customers a reasonable free balance transfer and 0% on purchases offer.

What set it apart was the rewards programme - you can use Clubcard points to convert to cash, or to convert to Airmiles, with extra rewards if you use the card in a Tesco petrol station.

This was one of the very best ways of collecting Airmiles until recently.

Now, Tesco has more or less halved the rewards points, and of course Airmiles has moved to Avios at virtually the same time, and now passes the taxes that were once absorbed on to you. A double whammy hit on the benefits from using a Tesco Credit Card.

What was once a 5 star offer is now reduced to a middle of the road one. Still a good card, but my, how the rewards have been cut.

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Personal service from an online travel company

I've used Destinology for 2 years now. Basically I find a cheap flight or holiday, then ring up or email the person I deal with at Destinology, and they have always succeeded in finding a cheaper deal for me.

That's impressive given the lengths I go to, to find the best deal in the first place.

The person I speak with gives excellent personal service at all hours of the day and at weekends. If he's not a work, he sometimes still emails.

Personal service and deal finding like this are hard to find these days.


Sometimes cheaper than trade

Great stocks held at their shops, and the online side is pretty good too. But the best part of toolstation is just how cheap some of their stuff is, especially for plumbing parts bought in reasonable quantities. I don't know why consumers don't just shop here instead of B&Q etc where prices are much higher.

My only criticism is that I wish their range could be much wider.

I have read the comments here on poor service and on poor delivery. That's never been my experience, I look forward to dealing with them, they are always helpful and informed.


Great financial resource and a friendly blog

A lot of financial comparison sites are pretty unconvincing. And then there's money.co.uk. Easy on the eye, great to navigate, and good sound advice.

One of the best parts is their really friendly blog. Ask a question and get sensible and well thought through answers from people of similar minds. No 'consumer revenge' type stuff, just really helpful posts.

The deals section is also a treasure trove. Before you buy anything just check the well laid out list of current offers out there.

For me, this is a great site adding real value.


Great price but not good when things go wrong

I've been a talktalk customer for many years. Then my broadband stopped. Let's cut a very long story short. You are treated as an idiot in terms of having to go through the old switch it off, switch it on routine time and time again. I told them that I had even tried a different router, but that didn't stop them sending out an engineer who did precisely that and then said, 'it's your line, we'll report it to BT'. Genius.

After one month, during which I received texts which said they'd assume things had been fixed unless I texted them back, I complained.

Back to the old switch it off and on routine. God save us. Then they send a BT engineer. He said he thought the exchange had been hit by lightning some time ago - and ten minutes later rang to say yes it was, all done and everything worked fine.

No offer of compensation or even a refund for the 5 weeks I had lost broadband.

This is a really condensed version. The bottom line is I'm back to BT broadband.


Revolutionised my trip planning

Yes, you have to be careful to filter out the unreliable posts, but overall this is a killer tool that can turn average trips to unforgettable ones. I never cease to be amazed at how many hotels and b&bs are listed on the site.


Amazon prime

If you haven't found this yet, it's an amazing service, and while it costs around £50 a year, if you do a lot of shopping online you'll soon be quids in, as Amazon prime gives you delivery by 1pm next day free as part of the package. You can have your work address and your home address set up as delivery points. It makes online shopping so easy, I can't recommend it highly enough


User interface is so slow

I can't believe how slow the PayPal site is. It must be one of the most frustrating sites on the web. And if you have a lot of transactions, their Basic Search and Advanced Search functions are still in 1997. Given how much PayPal charges small businesses to take payments, you would expect the interface to be quick and slick, but it isn't.

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