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Just Vitamins

Not letter box friendly any more

The products are good, the prices are okay and the delivery is reasonably quick but one of the big selling points for me was the "letter box friendly" packaging.

The thing is, it doesn't fit through my letter box! It has "letter box friendly" printed inside the cover of the boxes too, but they're too wide to fit.

When I first started ordering from Just Vitamins, the claim was true, then they made the boxes bigger. Maybe smaller orders come in a smaller box? I don't know. I just know I still have to go to the sorting office every time with the little red edged card from the postman, to get my order.


In reply to Just Vitamins' comment on my review - you asked for my opinion and you got it.

I still have the boxes from my first orders and they fit through my letter box with ease. They are considerably smaller than the boxes from my last three orders, which didn't fit through my letter box.

Frankly, I'm offended. You pester paying customers to leave comments about your service on Trustpilot, and when you see something you don't like you feel the need to say that person is wrong.

Check your facts. If you'd like measurements of the boxes, feel free to ask.

I'd like to point out that our postmen are highly trained and so put the narrower end of the parcel through the letterbox. That being the case, the thickness could be a problem, though in this case it wasn't. The length was not an issue. The width, however, was.

I accept that not all letter boxes are the same size too. Perhaps where you live they are wider. Where I live the size of my letter box is quite normal. It wasn't custom built to my specifications, it's an ordinary brass, hinged letter box flap, bought from an ordinary hardware shop. The hole behind it is the appropriate size for the flap.

I have seen no way to provide feedback directly to your company about this. Your idea of asking for feedback is to ask us to review you on Trustpilot. Well, I did.

I suspect that you have no idea what proportion of your customers actually have EU standard sized letterboxes, and that finding out might be a good idea if you want to continue to make that claim.

No, your boxes have not always been that size.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Reply from Just Vitamins Ltd

Hi Andy

I'm sorry that you had trouble with your delivery.

We do accept that not all letterboxes are the same, but we base our 'letter-box friendly' claim on the EU standard size for letterboxes. There is more information available on our site here:

I'm not sure what you mean about making the boxes bigger. We have always used the same sized boxes. We did introduce a longer box a couple of years ago, but height and width remained the same as the original box so would have still fitted through ok.

Just Vitamins


Fast delivery but poor or no quality control on the product (RC Seadoo Waverunner Jet Ski)

I bought an RC Seadoo Waverunner Jet Ski, which has two motors that are either on or off, forwards or backwards. The right motor is considerably stronger / faster than the left one so it doesn't go in anything like a straight line. Trying to go forwards makes it do an anticlockwise circle, about 6 feet across.

I can see quality control on these boats is next to non existent so I'm not sure there's any point going to the trouble of trying to get a replacement. Quite disappointing and it's put me off buying anything else.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reply from Gadget Box

If you had of contacted us and told us that the item you purchased was faulty we would have happily send you another one free of charge. Or if you just weren't happy with the quality that you paid we would have refunded you once returned.



Fast delivery. Better than expected quality cables (I wasn't expecting a lot for the price)

I bought some cheap MIDI and 3.5mm jack audio cables. I thought the audio cables in particular might be a bit flimsy since they were so cheap but they seem pretty well made. I haven't given them a proper workout yet though.

The MIDI cables aren't as flexible as I'd like but I wasn't expecting them to be at that price. They're good enough for now and they'll be useful as spares when I get some better quality ones. I have a Stagg cable (bought from Dawsons music shop) which is nice flexible silicone insulated cable but the plugs are too tight a fit and very hard to unplug so I don't like to use it in case I wear out my sockets. The plugs on the Kenables ones are ordinary sealed DIN plugs and are easy to plug and unplug.

My order was delivered quickly and the postage was very reasonable.

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