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JUSTPOLES- Curtain poles and Curtain Tracks

Great product, good price!

First I have to commend them for their incredibly large range of poles on offer!

The goods that arrived very excellent and was very happy about it, what I wasn't over the moon by was their lack of communication skills. After the order was placed online there was no communication to even mention the dispatch. But that aside I am very happy with the goods that we have received!

Yes I would recommend these guys to a friend and would purchase again, I just hope that they get the communication bit correct via their web order : )

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reply from

Hello Mohammed
Thank you for the review, your order was updated to let you know the order was dispatched, you should have an email in your inbox asking you to check the status of the order.
The products you have ordered are very good quality and are excellent value, were glad your happy with your purchase.
Justpoles Sales Dept

Posh Eyes

Fantastic Service! Long term Customer!

All I can say is firstly, if you have finally come to the realisation that high street opticians are RIPOFFS then congratulations, that's the first step, the next step in your 're-education' is finding a reputable company who can deliver the same type of contact lenses (or glasses) to you at upto 70% of the price!

I have been using Posh Eyes for nearly 2 years now, fast, efficient and always deliver on time! But the the MOST impressive thing about Posh Eyes is Julian and the personal human touch that he offers! Thank you and keep up the good work!


Good service

Tesco offers a very good service, their checkout procedure is a little bit of a pain to go through though


W******s! Overcharged then refused to give refund

Long story short! Avoid these f*******s like the plague! nothing but crap service from them! Unfortunetly, BT(see review) while have been much better are also a pain! Miss my old Bulldog service!

Fast, easy to use and looks good!

Its pretty simple to use their site, checkout is pleasant but the real treat is the fast delivery and seeing the face of the person that you give the custom card to :)


Best airlines ever!

Booked tickets to go to Thailand a few years ago when they were running a promo! Ended up costing ONLY £360 return to Thailand which was an AMAZING price! Their checkout service was fast, quick and straight to the point, ai could even select my seats as well!

What really made this an awseome journey though was teh actual plane journey! The seat and space was spacious, food was decent but the service was exceptional! Alway helpful and wanting to help and were constanly bring food out :) The plane trip from Qatar to Bankgog and viceversa was practically empty which meant we each got a row to ourselves!

Oh and the holiday was the BEST EVER! :)


Fast delivery, efficient service, very helpful support!

I was looking for a shisha pipe for myself and came across a few different companies, decided to call these guys up before ordering as I had a few questions and I was surprised by just how much detail the guy went to explaining everything! I ended up purchasing everything I needed and they even chucked in a few freebies to get more going. Checkout process was easy and simply and even got the gear the next day!

Next day, the gear arrived, everything was wrapped and secure (shisha jar is made of glass) the jar was intact, the design was exactly as seen on their site. I was really chuffed by the quality and would definitely recommend these guys!


Contains bargains, just keep an eye on it!

A lot of people seems to have issues with low budget airlines, but the golden rule is you get what you pay for, keep an eye out for when they are running promotionals and you will find lots of great deals! Me and the other half went off to Marrakesh, Morocco for £40 return each! Bargain!

Only reason there is 4 stars and not 5 is because they charge ridiculous rates which they pretend to be transactional charges! Its doesn't cost £5 for credit debit cards each way!


Fast delivery and efficient service

Its been a while since I ordered from them but the order was handled extremely efficient, I ordered pretty late in the day still still the order arrived the next working day! That' how all company's should be!


Good most of the times

Experince is abit mixed, when using their service, I have never had problems, its fast, efficient and straight to the point. Sometime though, they offer price quotes that seem good, but by the time you go through the form... the charges rocket..

Still, if most cases as I have said, has worked perfectly


Speed, later ordering, easy returns, highly recommended!

Next has always produced high quality clothes, great designs and great sales! But their online system is very good as well! You can order upto 9pm and still get delivery the next working day! If something doesnt fit, no problem just walk into any of their stores! Quick, simple and very easy!

Just Perfect!

These guys are the bomb! have used them for over 5 years now, they have the fastest ordering process I have EVER come across! I takes my literally 30 seconds to place the entire order with them and then get it delivered to me FREE!


Absolutly piss poor! Avoid, stick to their retail stores!

Very piss poor service, I order an item, they do NOT let you specify a different delivery address, and there is nothing on their site to tell you that either. So I placed my order using my work address ... and nothing...

2 Weeks later they sent me a letter (thats right snail mail, not an email or a call but a letter!) that was sent from Switerland/Sweden so not even from the UK from ANOTHER COUNTRY telling me I have 5 days to contact them to respond to the delivery issue the only problem here (aprat from the fact the sent me a letter and not an email) was the fact that the letter had arrived 8 days later so i called them... Only to be told that they cannot send to commercial property and do not allow name changes... Sending letters is their policy or something instead of emailing.. Suffice to say I told them to cancel the order completely! Orders are shipped from Sweden/Switerland so do NOT expect fast delivery times.

AVOID just stick to their retail stores!

Speed + quality = Very Happy Bunny!

Short version: Highly recommended! Super fast delivery, very good quality prints but make sure that you use very high res images for best print quality i.e. 8MP - 10MP for A4 prints.

TIP: Make sure you watch their tutorial on YouTube on how to use their app, it will make it SOO much faster to create!

Long version:
I've been looking for a company to publish a photo book for me as a 5th Anniversary gift and did a lot of research and to be fair the 2 things that closed the deal with these guys is anticipated Speed of delivery + all of the reviews on this site!

Every other company that I came across suggested it would take up to 12 working days for delivery, with these guys, they said few days! I ordered on a Monday evening, item was printed, published and sent on Tuesday, delivered to me by Thursday! So say I was chuffed is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Gave it to the other half yesterday and she absolutely LOVED IT!

Few things I wanted to mention and some feedback

- Website may not look as fancy as other apps but its the final product you should be interested in!
- Their app is desktop based which is better as you can work at your leisure but make sure you watch the YouTube instruction video, it will speed up your work 5 fold!
- The quality of the print is determined by the resolution of your images, make sure you select 8 -10MP pictures if you intend on placing on A4 size prints.
- Picture quality of the prints is good but not as good as photo's but that is because its printed onto Silk paper and not photo paper

- Add more frames, backgrounds + preset colours to your app
- Invest in making your website more attractive (like your competitors)
- Make your quality and delivery time your biggest selling point
- Mention the fact that you print in-house within the UK and NOT from Germany like practically all of your competitors
- Get ahead of the competition by creating and launching an iPad application, the logic here is iPad owners are generally higher spenders (fact) and would therefore more likely use and print photo books, especially if the interface is easy enough!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reply from

Thanks for the great review!
Just a quick note on some of the points you brought up:

To find us just search"photo books fast delivery" and we come up on both the left hand side (top 5)and right hand side.

Before we built our website our initial research showed that although our competitors websites were indeed 'slick' they were very difficult to navigate and it took an age before you could find what you really wanted - never mind what the actual price of the finished product would be! That is why we made a no-nonsense website easy to price and navigate around.

Your other points have been very helpful and we will give them consideration in due course.

Thank you once again for your comments.

Gurney S Ghatoray

Managing Director

Increased Revenue, high conversation, completely automated!

The MailBeez system is a dream setup! It was VERY easy to install and configure and once that was done, it was literally set to autopilot! Since it was installed, I have much more reviews (more reviews = more trust worthy), winning more customers (increasing conversion of the lost carts) using a small incentive. Most important of all, its ALL AUTOMATED! This part alone is worth its price which is FREE!.

I am already moving on the the premium systems including TrustPilot integration as well as a few more :)

If you are an OsCommerce based store owner (CRE Loaded, Zen Cart, OS Max etc) then this is a system that you MUST install (Its FREE) and if you wish to increase your revenue (Christmas period is upon us) then its critical!

One last thing, the support is fantastic! That is also very very important!

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