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Morale Garden Furniture

Quality goods at affordable prices.

Yet again, I have bought garden furniture from Morale. Their product is top quality, well finished, and worth every penny.


Always good service and good product

What's more to say - I always go to the Kenable site first. Tops in everything!


Customer service could be better

After I ordered, I received a confusing acknowledgement that didn't specify expected delivery date. An email a week later requesting delivery wasn't responded to. When, at last a fixed delivery date was given, no courier was specified. On the day, the weather was particularly bad and I needed to know if delivery was in fact going to be made. One phone call sorted it - the lady I spoke to was VERY helpful. She contacted the courier company (probably online tracking) and phoned me back in 2 minutes to say that my delivery was on the van and out for delivery.

Now, why couldn't they do what other suppliers do and give the customer that tracking information? Some even go so far as to text/email each step, down to the hour slot (with DPD). Come on PlumbNation, you know you can do better. Pricewise, they were marginally better than others.


Works perfectly - can't say any more!

This tyre compressor was bought to replace a supposed good name compressor that failed after only 10 seconds. I heard of Rockshore from a friend who said that they only sell good quality stuff. He wasn't wrong.

Battery Station

Quick, good value service

Battery Station is my first stop for batteries. You are sure you are buying genuine stock and not paying through the nose.

RSI Shop

RSI gone - vertical mouse does the job!

My wife has progressive rheumatoid arthritis and wants to continue working occasionally on her PC. RSI set in and she unwillingly had to give up. Seeing the RSI Shop products, I realised that these were tried and tested products that would suit her admirably. The vertical mouse has enabled her to restart working on her PC and solved the RSI problem - well done RSI Shop!


Disgusting service and quality

Delievery address had the wrong town! When delivered, they didn't take away the old washing machine nor fit the new one, despite contractually being obliged to as I paid extra fr these. Head office not interested either.

Excellent product at a bargain price, delivered in express time

Every time I order from Broadbandbuyer, I know I will be happy. They never cease to please and I always go to their site first when looking for equipment.


Unbeatable price, delivery and quality

When I first saw the price (including VAT & delivery), I just couldn't believe it. The order for a large bathroom towel arrived as promised, next day, by courier and on opening the package, I just saw immediately that it was very high quality.

The plumber who fitted it for me was flabbergasted at the price and delivery - he couldn't match it locally anywhere. Now he says he will source all his future requirements through Trueshopping.

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