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Pretty good!

Their collection is pretty good, I am sure many would agree to that. The quality of definitely of top quality, people do not mind paying for a good product. Great stuff.


It is alright

I personally prefer Facebook over Myspace, but I m sure it does have its takers.



Not too bad

They definitely do have their moments, they are good at times and not sometimes. But it is one of the most used payment service, which have been in use many years now.


It is great

Many people recommend them as they have got some great deals. They are always open to opinions and are ever ready to help if anything at all.
Good place.


pretty good

It is a phone conceptualized for business men, which slowly made its way to the heart of a normal commercial user. Its blackberry messenger is its most priced asset. Personally really like it. Great work.


Great company

It has revolutionized the world with the technology it came up with years ago, and are still leading the technology. It is user friendly and commercial. They always exhibit great support and come up with great products.


good products!

I think their products are very useful, especially the photoshop for all kinds of requirement in designing, editing, etc. Great site, easily navigable and aids in easy searching of the resources required.


Its brilliant!

It is an amazing resource for all those film/movie lovers across the globe. Always use it for any information related to entertainment and it never lets down. Great site.


Very informative!

I think it is very informative and educational, not just for the kids, but for people of all age groups. It entertains as well as creates awareness at the same time. Truly amazing.


Great for trip planning!

It is a great place to get the information regarding a trip you plan. Helps you get an idea of what you could do, the places to visit, the places to stay and what you could expect.
A great resource on the whole.


Liife's good!

I think they bring out amazing products with great quality. The customer service is also very helpful and co-operative.



Its one of most popular sites, for its tech news, reviews and downloads. Very helpful to the ones looking for reliable and quality products. Never lets people down.


good buy

It is pretty simple and easy to use. A great place for the buyers and sellers to meet up, along with an excellent range of products. But as with everything we have to be careful as well.


Great Store!!

I think it is great for weekly shopping, but the site could probably do with a little more help.



I personally think it is great, though it is not free. Amazing features its got, but yes many still hope its free


Great Service!!

They have a great product range and on-time delivery, never heard of any mishaps. Most of the people who shop online, automatically goes to the Amazon site. That says it all. Great work and service.


Great innovative design

Definitely great vision by its founders. Took over the world of tech by surprise when it was launched. Users always expect innovative creations, only a little issue generally related is its price, other than which its great.



It is a great way to share videos which is also being used for marketing and not just entertainment purpose. It even helps to learn a lot of things related to anything, like literally anything. Great site. Absolutely love it.


Absolutely Perfect!

Its something so awesome, it definitely helps narrow the gap between the big companies,celebs and groups and also help communicate with them. It is also being used exclusively for professional purposes and most businesses break important news (even post jobs) via twitter these days. The main reason why it works is because its so easy and effective to use.


It is rocking!

I think it is one of the best social networking site present. Am a total facebook freak and think its amazing to keep in touch with long lost friends from around the globe.


Truly amazing

Its amazing that we can speak to people across the globe for no or very minimal cost. Love it personally as it helps keeps in touch effectively.


Amazing invention

Its the best invention ever and is exactly why its the most preferred.

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