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HiFX go more than the extra mile!

The best service. Incredible product, very affordable fees. Very easy site to use and track. Fabulous staff who are incredibly helpful - Graham was amazing. My transaction with HiFX took all of a few hours where as the bank told me it would take up to a week at 6x the cost. Go HiFX - you are winners!! Thanks for making life easier.



Fabulous products, great pricing, excellent delivery, brilliant follow through. Well done!!

CO Operative

Anyone for plastic strawberries?

Sad to say for all the great things the co-op stands for they have allowed plastic coated strawberries to enter their food chain.

Plastic coating fruit and vegetables is supposedly prolongs the shelf life. The plastic coating is made from plasticizes, lipids, protein, resins...apparently "edible and safe". Who has tested this? WE have also been "fed" tales of all the E preservatives being safe but are they? It is a known fact that pesticides are used on fruit and if being plastic coated are these pesticides not being locked in and cannot out gas? The texture is terrible...try and wash it.


Excellent service and pricing

Brilliant idea....easy to use site. Easy to track package. Parcel2go gives you a range of prices from all the main shippers. By using their collective buying power they give you the benefit of great rates. I had a quote from parcel2go and directly from the shipper. The shippers quote to me was two thirds higher than using the exact same shipper through parcel2go. Brilliant service - highly recommend it.

National Lottery

Very difficult to open online account

Eventually sent in paper based documentation. Weeks later my application was returned to me and my account declined as I had signed the form but forgot to put in the date. You would think someone would have the savvy to enter the date the form was received but nope it was sent all the way back to me with the date highlighted in a colour which hardly allows one to see the date I have now written in. I wait with bated breath as to whether they will now open my account or send the form back to me again saying they can't read the date.?. Bureaucracy at it's best!

Easy to use site with great options and pricing

I always use for all my hotel bookings. Their prices are good and range of hotels perfect. I've been using them for years. Best of all - no booking fee and you also have the facility to cancel or change your booking timeously without penalty.


Brilliant, easy shopping experience

Easy to use site. Great wish list option. Great product range. Prime delivery well worth signing up for especially if you use amazon regularly.


Great quick service

Great products, super quick delivery. Thank you!



Business account address changes so called the call centre, they said I was to print a form off the website, complete, sign and post it in. Done. After 3 weeks STILL no change in address! I go into the branch. The very helpful assistant offered to assist as she could see on the system that the form was "in progress". She changed the details on the system and confirmed same. The change was obviously reversed or blocked.
Card reader then packs up. I call the call centre they say order online and it will take 7-10 days for delivery. When you rely on internet banking you cannot even check your balance without a card reader. "Solution"...says the call centre - "you need to go into a branch to do any banking or find out your balance". Voila..more time wasting!

NOW 5 weeks card reader and no address change!! Called the call centre again. Card reader was sent out to the old address. I go to the old address 30 minutes drive either card reader! I call the call centre once again...they re-order a card reader and told me it will be delivered in 7-10 days AND I must complete a form off the internet, sign it and post it to them to change the address. I wonder where the card reader will go if they take over a MONTH to change a business address!!!

SHOCKING - pure incompetence and tax payers are paying for this level of service? This is 1st world banking from the loss making bank of the year (2011)? C'mon Lloyds what ever happened to normal business process and seeing a request through to completion?

You sit on our money, we don't owe you a cent but if we need anything it's got to be redone over and over and over again...this is not banking - this is plain pathetic. If you were my employee you would have been fired ages ago for incompetence!

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I ordered on Friday morning and received my goods the next day. Brilliant service and brilliant products! I must give you a massive compliment for improvement in service levels. You have been outstanding - well done! Thank you ecohamster!


Excellent as always!

Excellent as always!

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