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Great Price

I switched from Verizon 2 months ago when I decided to get a smartphone. While the coverage area is not as good as verizon or AT&T the price sure is. I get coverage in all the places that I frequent and that is what is important.


Solid Email Provider

Been using Yahoo Mail for as long as I've been on the internet. Never had any issues and always have access to the things I want.


Best Vacuum Ever

I have pet's and have never found another item that gets floors/rugs as clean. We own 2 Dysons, one for the house and one for the basement. love them both. Cyclone Technology is what it is cracked up to be. want to get a small one for the car. Just a matter of time

Perfect Every Time

I started using Supplement Warehouse at the end of the summer and could not be happier with the products I have gotten. Use to shop at one of the local stores with sales associates how really did not know the product. The prices at SW have always saved me big money as compared to the store, and the reviews have always provided better information than the local unknowning sales guy.

John Cottinghams profile

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John Cottingham
Male, 1969
Collinsville, United States


Father of 3 that takes an active role in their lives. Going through the process of starting a Home Improvement Company. Happily married for 10 years.