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Just no.

There is absolutely no reason to install this spammy bloatware.

    Programet MacKeeper, der reelt ikke er andet end varm luft!

    Programet MacKeeper, der reelt ikke er andet end varm luft, har måtte indgå et forlig i retssag om falsk markedsføring.

    Gennem de seneste 4-5 år har folkene bag Mac-programmet MacKeeper kørt en voldsom markedsføringskampagne for programmet, der reelt set er værdiløst. Via en god blanding af trusler og skræmmekampagner har de overbevist op mod en halv millioner Mac-brugere om at investere i programmet. MacKeeper har lovet at beskytte mod virus og malware samt at holde ens Mac i tiptop form. Reelt set er programmet dog selv en malware uden reel effekt. Faktisk har et af de bedste tips til nye Mac-brugere været at undlade at installere MacKeeper.

    Nu har en gruppe sagsøgere så fået skovlen under de oprindelige udviklere (ZeoBIT) af MacKeeper. Sagsøgerne har anklaget ZeoBIT for blande andet falsk markedsføring, og der er nu indgået forlig i sagen på $2 millioner. Det betyder at alle (amerikanere) der har købt MacKeeper nu kan kræve penge tilbage. Det skal ske inden 30. november i år.

    Som en del af forliget har sagsøgerne accepteret, at ZeoBIT ikke skal erkende at have fusket med markedsføringen. ZeoBit har i øvrigt solgt MacKeeper til firmaet Kromtech, der ikke er en del af forliget. Der er dermed ingen der siger, at Mac-brugere dermed slipper for at se mere til de agresive kampagner for MacKeeper.

      A trust worthy service

      I had no reservations when deciding to optimize my Mac....A polite group of techs who are knowledgeable and efficient...always asking permission and offering more than required. I feel assured that my Mac is in good hands.


        MacKeeper er fremragende, både selve programmet, og alle de mange hjælpeprogrammer, som optimere og øger sikkerheden min mac.

        Supporten er også flink og i et forstående engelsk 24/7, der går ikke længe før der er en sød mederarbejder tager telefonen, der kan hjælpe med alt.

        MacKeeper er de bedste sikkerhedsprogram jeg har prøvet, og det virker!


          Everyone was knowledgeable and very professional!!

            Lost and Found

            I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I first Sir/Ma'am,
            When I purchased this protection in excess of $600 per year, I was very skeptical, and had buyers remorse.
            However, today makes the third time that your remote service team has cleaned up, un-locked, repaired and fixed a bunch of mistakes that I'm not even sure how I did.
            Without this service, I would throw this laptop off the highest mountain that I could climb. I'm disabled from the military btw, but, I am so appreciative of this service that I would get on the ground and start low crawling until I got high enough to smash this lap top in a million pieces.

              SPAM COMPANY


              I must say that I had enough of your company now. I just used almost 1 hour on the phone talking to one of your so called “ certified apple supporters” In my book they are only sales persons. Their only goal is to force customers to accept all kinds of packages.

              I have used MacKeeper since 2011, and I have been happy with the product. However, when I decided to purchase the new edition, I suddenly was informed AFTER the purchase, that I had to call a number in UK in order to activate it. This caused an additional telephone bill of 35 euro.

              During the hour with your salesperson I accepted a 6 months deal. For this I payed 257,25 US dollars. It was clearly understood that I only wanted this 6 months deal and NOTHING else.

              However now I have been charged 59.88 US dollars for something that I have NOT accepted!

              What kind of business are you running? I will instruct my bank to stop all activities from your company, as it seems like you just collect money yourselves. In my country that is called stealing!

              AsI stated earlier I have been a happy customer, but that is totally finish now. I will use all platforms I know to warn about your company.

                Reply from MacKeeper

                Hello Thomas,

                Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear that you were overcharged.

                Please, send us your email address to, so our refund team will be able to resolve this issue.

                Thank you.



                  Excellent Service

                  I was provided with excellent customer service. They corrected all of my computer issues. Now my laptop is running faster. I recommend this company as a reliable resource in taking care of computer issues.


                    Easy to use.

                    It's very easy to use and check on how your computer is working.

                      Very helpful customer service!!

                      I highly recommend this company to anyone and everyone not too familiar with computer troubleshooting protocol. They were friendly and helpful, so much so that they explained everything that they were going to do very simply so anyone can understand. It only took a little over two hours, but most of the waiting time was for stuff to download. They were prompt and answered every question I had via a chat box. Just make sure you don't keep them from doing their job by moving the mouse too much. They are commendable in their service and know what they are doing!

                        Techs did all the work for me!

                        All I had to do was pay for the service and watch them go to work remotely while I enjoyed my day. Outstanding!

                          DEPENDABLE, PROFESSIONAL

                          I was very hesitant about using online support as normally, I end up frustrated. MacKeeper is the best and to have no worries now is priceless! Customer service is usually something rare, and great customer service unheard of. MacKeeper delivers great customer service.

                            Well done!

                            Finished quicker than time estimated.


                              I am very pleased and will recommend your service. you have great people working for the company

                                So surprised and impressed with the quality of the product and service, will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues!

                                I was unsure about online tech support and maintenance in the beginning, and was surprised at how easy and thorough the process was working with several techs online as they cleaned my macbook pro, iPhone and iPad Pro. As these are new machines I was unaware of any issues at first and then very grateful they were found, and quickly eliminated while I watched on screen. Exceptional service!

                                  Fast service and excellent information

                                  Found virus on my Mac and wanted to get rid of it. Macware and MacKeeper came up and I contacted them. Great info first from Mark who was so informative and helpful - explained so I could understand. Bought a one time clean-up and more to optimize my Mac. Luke did an amazing job. my Mac is now super fast again, and I'm so happy. THANKS :-)

                                    Tech 5051

                                    This gentleman provided me with excellent service and I thank him for that.

                                      4 years of screw ups

                                      Thanks to Melissa & Kurt for all their patience while working with someone who has no computer skills at all! They cleaned up 4 years worth of my screwups in one session. Thanks!

                                        MacKeeper Hooks, then They Book. Buyer Beware!

                                        Initially I had a wonderful experience with MacKeeper. I had quite a mess on my computer and they took great care of me and of course I signed up for EVERYTHING! I paid for a year, I am still under contract until July 2016, but I can't help but wonder WHERE they went when I tried to contact them about an issue I experienced a few months back. IF they were truly taking A+ care of me why didn't they NOTICE, because it was a problem listed in their automatic fix-it list. REALLY?? I expected a bit more for my money than a one-time "Wham, bam, thank's for the money, ma'am!" I'm NOT a happy camper at this point in time.

                                        Also? MacKeeper should bundle EACH of their service plans "By The Month" PERIOD! I certainly found out the hard way that it is not always wise to buy their "A+ complete package," and pay in advance, only to discover they will auto-renew, as I discovered the hard way. The only assistance I received was that great one-time fix and a large "Paid in Advance" charge (with more charges to be debited from my account, and not much more. I can tell you it wasn't for their great service after the initial payment, ONE day out of the 365 days I paid for, but since they ALSO took another payment out of my account to keep my "great" service going, "Eff Me!" I would call that debit a nice bit of fraud and would like my money returned to me, since I have NOT received the service I still appear to be paying for!

                                        Since each "Package," provides a standard of service on a sliding scale and MUST be paid for in advance as well as kept up with additional payments, I feel gypped. I am one disappointed and unhappy customer, MacKeeper, because I have been made to feel like I was used for your monetary gain. When I needed you again and sought help, all I received was a notice to sign up for continuing service AFTER you had debited my account AGAIN! Nope, you were Gone With the Wind, all I can say is Thanks a lot for nothing, MacKeeper.