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Great mid-spec PC

I've ordered a number of items from CCL online before, including hard drives and an Acer Laptop, and it's been great service.
I've even recommended CCL to friends and relatives. My brother recently bought a motherboard/cpu/ram bundle from them.

However, today I took delivery of a CCL gaming PC, which is "dead on arrival."
I tried a few things to get it to power up, but no success.
I've just raised a ticket with them tonight and will wait to see what response I get tomorrow.

UPDATE (30/09/15):
I have since checked that all components and motherboard connectors inside the PC were seated properly, and retried switching on the PC.
The PC now switches on fine, and boots up quickly.
CCL did respond to the raised ticket via email and offered to collect the PC and have an engineer diagnose the fault. I informed them, that I had corrected the problem myself.
It was likely that something may have become un-seated during transit.

PC Spec is CCL Elite Diamond Crafter:-
Core i5 4460
16GB kingston 1600mhz memory
120GB SSD boot/os drive
2TB HDD data drive
Nvidia GTX960 2GB
Corsair 600w Bronze PSU
Corsair Carbide Spec-03 Case

(for the price it is really good value for money, and I could not spec up the same components myself for the same cost)

Games I've played on it so far have been all set to ultra or highest settings and it's managed to run at decent frame rates in 1080p.

Editing videos is significantly faster than on my previous Core i3.

Overall, the product and customer service have been very good.
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your recent purchase. I will ask our customer service team to get in touch with you to resolve this.

Sent me a printer that doesnt work

I phoned ccl to say that the printer automatically asked for ink to be replaced in which i went and spent 35 pounds on ink to find out when i switched on the printer that the paper feed was faulty not only have they sent me a faulty printer but ive lost out on 35 quid for ink they said they tested the printer but obviously not otherwise it would of worked when i turned it on . Please avoid this company as they wont blame themselves when returning the item and they wont refund you for the ink bought for their printer so all in all ive lost 35 quid and had to send a printer back that should of been tested in the first place

Worst Service I have received in years...

Customer service from this company is the worst I have experienced in years...

I am not somebody who complains under normal circumstances but I feel it is important to anybody wanting to buy any sort of equipment to buy it from a decent company.

We needed some equipment in a major rush and explained the situation to Joseph at our initial phone call... Stock availability was confirmed and the pricing agreed and the same day arrangement guaranteed.. So far so good...

And then the lies started.. Hours upon hours wasted waiting on hold, they couldn't find stock, wouldn't accept credit cards, then bank transfer was incorrect value, now they accept credit card, courier was arranged hours later than it should have been and then did other deliveries en route...

The site, the courier was delivering to was huge and they told me it was company policy not to give the courier the contact details of the person on site... WHAT? How was he ever going to find him? Sorry was the response... Company policy...!

All in all a complete disaster. To top it off when I wanted to speak to a manager I was told it would take 48 hours for her to call me back... Probably dealing with her many other complaints..

Joseph was a complete disgrace as a customer facing member of staff and needs retraining fast...

Do not use this company unless you are really desperate... In fact this the wrong advise... Don't use them if you are desperate... Only use them if you have all the time in the world as you will need it....

Useless if you change your mind.

From personal experience these people are only geared towards selling as opposed to service. I am currently attempting to cancel an order for a power supply and having sent several emails as well as enduring there terrible answer machine for half an hour, only to be dumped into leaving a voicemai.

They seem intent on sending it, so I shall be as unhelpful as they are and refuse to accept it.
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

Sorry to hear that you are having problems trying to cancel your order. If you can let me have your order number I will look into getting this resolved for you.

Non-existant customer services & faulty software

I bought 2x PowerCool 1000Va UPS back-up systems, which arrived fine. I plugged them in & inserted the set-up CD, but it would not accept the serial numbers. I phoned their customer services only to get an answerphone. I left a message asking them to call me, but - 3 days later I am still waiting. I also emailed them on the day I left my message - but no reply. I emailed the Managing Director today (day 3) but he ignored my email also. I did think of buying 5 'built-to-order' PC's from them - several thousand pounds worth - but with no customer services they lost this business.
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

Our customer service department was closed over the bank holiday weekend and therefore we could not respond to you until Tuesday 1st September. I have checked the email tickets and see that we responded to your query on Tuesday 1st September. I trust everything is ok now. If not please contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to help. Please accept our apologies for delay but this was due to the department being closed. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Worst online order ever

Ordered over £200 worth of PC parts and paid for a 3 day delivery.
1, The parts took a week to be dispatched and held up the build of the PC. For the same build I also ordered parts from Novatech and Ebuyer and used their free delivery, both free deliveries arrived 3 days before the paid one!
2, In Between the time I ordered and the dispatch time, 2 of the parts actually dropped in price but they still charged me the higher price.
3, One of the items was damaged but still usable (been dropped or kicked or both) I had no choice but to use it anyway and I'm now seeking an alternative.
4, Opened a ticket on their website asking why it took so long to dispatch in stock items and why they charged the higher price, no reply.
Avoid this company as they are not in the same league as the big players. Just goes to show, cheaper isn't better!
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

Sorry to hear that your service was not as expected. I have looked at your order and can see that it had a promised delivery date of 26 August. The order was shipped on 24th August on a next day service to ensure that your order arrived on time. I have checked the emails as well and can see that we have also responded to the ticket you opened. As for the damaged item you received If you contact our customer service team they would be happy to look into this further for you.

Terrible build quality matched by equally bad customer service

Ordered a new PC, order process and delivery great, however, upon arrival it looked like a hammer had been used to put it together - clearly forced components to fit the case, with dents and damage.

Although they have arranged to collect, they have refused to replace until it is received back (proper companies generally arrange to collect/replace at the same time).

For a "next day delivery" service it would be a week or two before I actually receive what I ordered - on the positive side they have agreed a refund.

It is a shame the service has gone down hill - I used them a few times a couple of years ago and they were good back then.

Disapointed feel cheated. £60 Price diffrence???

I purchased two graphics cards last week 15/07/2015 as CCL Computers are my local supplier but I found they would of been £60 cheaper at Overclockers yes they are on sale but normal price is £40 cheaper still big saving.

Overclockers price £499.99 inc VAT
CCL Computers Price £529.99 inc VAT

Zotac GeForce GTX 980Ti AMP Edition 6144MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card (ZT-90503-10P)

I have also have the case problem as the guy who posted before me I purchased a X79 UD7 Gigabyte mother board would not fit in a normal ATX case had to go back the next day and swap case and get a Different PSU I did ask the question at least twice if all parts were compatible.

Also had Revo Hard drive and vertex SSD DOA was hard work to get them replaced. 2-3 days

Staff are same as PC world clueless with little or basic knowledge only member of staff there who actually knows his products is a young lad called Jason.

Regular buyer.

Incompetent staff

I was unsure of my selection of PC case so I got in touch with ccl regarding the comparability of my motherboard and the case. I quoted the model number of the mb and they said it would be compatible. I bought the case took it home and tried installing the mb only to find it in fact would not fit. I raised a support ticket only for them to email me a return postage which would have been fine but with me paying by cash it would take over a week to get my money back. I suggested I bring the case back to get a refund but I wanted compensating for fuel as the shop is over 35 miles round trip, as it was their fault I didn't think this was a problem but no they flatly refused. I have been purchasing from ccl for around 6 months and never had a problem but this is the first time I gave taken anything back. If this is an example of their customer service I won't be going back
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

I'm ever so sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered, i can assure you that our team would not deliberately mis-advise you and have made an honest mistake with their suggestion. As you've mentioned we are happy to rectify this for you via a postage label, however unfortunately as our terms and conditions state we cannot cover consequential loss and so as you've said, we would not cover petrol costs to bring the item back to ourselves i'm afraid, and so we offer a free postage label instead to save you the trip and the cost of the petrol back to ourselves. I can only apologise if you find this unacceptable, however we do state this in our terms and conditions on our website.

We will do everything in our power to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, however in this instance the resolution offered was the only option we have i'm afraid.

Cheap Gpu Makes

I bought a £730 PC everything was fine except for the cheap graphics card which would of been fine if priced correctly however the charged an extra £50 I shall not buy from you again and the product was described incorrectly as having 4gb or GPU ram when its really 3.5gb with a slower 0.5gb however this was not described. Guys build your own PC much cheaper and more reliable
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

Hi there,

While i am sorry that you aren't happy with your machine, the specs and price for the machine are listed online before purchase and by purchasing the machine, you have agreed that you are happy with the spec and price for the machine by entering the contract of sale. Had you contacted us to raise a return within the first 14 days of purchase, our returns team would have likely accepted a return on the unit however as we were not contacted regarding this, we were not given a chance to offer a resolution to your issues. The graphics card in the machine does have 4GB of memory and is as stated on the listing page for the machine you've purchased. The issue with this is the description from NVidia on their memory architecture, i've linked their statement regarding this below for your reference:

I'm sorry that you're not happy with your machine, however unfortunately at this stage we are unable to take any further action regarding this.

Started off great. Went downhill quickly.

Ordered an Asus system via ebay, excellent price for a decent system. Had a quick call to advise that it was the last one and had been on display - not a problem, especially as they offered a £20 refund which was gratefully received. They advised they would thoroughly test the system as it was ex-display and get it out to us.

System arrived, looked perfect (certainly didn't really look ex-display!) - spent 20 mins wiring in neatly, only to find when power button depressed, no activity whatsoever! Quickly removed side (it had already been off anyway as the warranty seal was broken) - LED's showing on motherboard, so PSU appears to be initially working correctly, but just will not power up.

** INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING ** as we were up against a deadline.

Rang CCL first thing the day after, to be told I need to ring a different number for returns (they can't put you through... are we in 1992?) After a 5 minute wait on hold, spoke to Mark in returns who wasn't exactly the most helpful customer service represenative we've ever spoken with. They've arranged collection for tomorrow, but he couldn't help me out with getting a replacement ordered ASAP - again, had to ring a different number to speak to sales. No apology for the faulty system, just a "well, when we get it back we'll test it and *if* it's faulty we'll refund you". No bending over backwards to try and get a new system out to us for tomorrow as quickly as possible - which to be honest was the least I would have expected for a system they promised me had been 'thoroughly tested'.

Rang 'sales' line after checking website and ordered a new system - admittedly with free next day delivery, only to be told there was a £5 credit card charge (again, is it 1992? Or are we dealing with Ryanair? What kind of customer focussed business does that?) Joseph that I spoke with point blank refused to waive this charge, despite it being CCL's fault they had messed this order up. I asked to speak with his manager - and was told one would call me back, * IN 48 HOURS *! What a shambles.

Begrudgingly, I've kept the order in place, but seriously guys - pull your socks up. If you make a mistake, you should bend over backwards to get it fixed pronto - not make the customer jump through hoops. A real shame as ultimately a faulty ASUS system isn't really their fault - however, lying to the customer and telling them it's been "fully tested" most certainly is.
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience, you should have received the services promised to you by our staff and i can assure you that we take this very seriously and will be taking every step possible to prevent this happening in future. I believe the issue has been resolved at this stage, and so can only offer our sincerest apologies for what has happened.

Once again, we sincerely apologise for the experience you've received.

CCL Computers - Customer Service

I purchased £880 of PC Components but could not build the PC as the CPU Cooler I ordered Corsair 100i GT was on recall. Among the original purchases was a Crucial M.2 memory stick and I only found out recently that it was incompatible. CCL refused to offer a refund or even a credit note. So I now have a £90 memory stick that's absolutely useless to me. Thanks CCL I won't be buying from you again.
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

I'm sorry that you are unhappy with our service, however it is the buyer's responsibility to check compatibility before purchase and return the item within the first 14 days of purchase should it not be suitable. Returns are rejected after this time in regulation with CCR, which is why you were unable to return the item to us. While we appreciate that the cooler was recalled, this was unavoidable and out of our control and does not affect your standing with the return on the memory stick.

Faulty HDD sorted quickly

The only true measure of a company is how they deal with problems. I received a faulty HDD but with very little effort CCL sorted it out with only a one week turnaround. Thanks guys, it is nice to find a supplier you can trust.

Amazing Service

Ordered 5 things to build a computer for office work. Everything came with no delivery problems. Item were new and work to full potential except for the motherboard. I'm 100% certain that it was opened before because the anti-static bag inside the box where the motherboard was in had a hole I'm also 100% certain that the one bought was not an Ex-display product. Too late to ask for a replacement but I'm happy that it works.
Another thing was, the power supply ordered didn't have the cord, again this was easy to solve but I guess it's because it was an OEM.

CCL is still a great company in my opinion and look forward into buying from them again in the future

Satisfied first time buyer

Good company, very cheap with some products, ended up saving myself around £7-£10 from my usual retailer for my Cooler Master Blizzard T2. Payment went smoothly and order was dispatched quickly.

However, as stated in my confirmation e-mail I received, my expected delivery was ON or BEFORE 21/04/2015 as I had purchased on Saturday 18/04/2015 I went for Royal Mail 48hr Tracked delivery, so as you would expect, the product theoretically should have arrived 48hrs after the first working day, this was not the case. It arrived Thursday 23/04/2015 to my disappointment.
Terms and conditions have been read and states in paragraph 5.1 -. "Any delivery date stated is only a warranty by CCL to use reasonable endeavours to effect delivery by that date. No liability will be accepted by CCL for failure to meet a stated delivery date." - I think this is managing the clients expectations badly, leading us to believe one thing but knowing that there is a good chance we are not going to get it on the date they stated and especially as I bought 48 hour delivery and it arrived 48 hours after the scheduled delivery date was a bit disappointing and a bit of a shame - Their prices are extremely good but delivery let them down this time, will definitely be buying again but I can not tell you for definite if CCL will be my go to retailer.

Great service

I have bought a few things from cclonline in the past. I decided to go with them for 2 new monitors. They arrived quickly via DPD, so I was always made aware of when they would be delivered.

Sadly 1 of the 2 monitors was DOA and would not work. I phoned the next day and spoke to lovely girl called Abbie in returns. She took my information and got DPD to pick up the faulty item. On the same day they they received the faulty item, they checked it and sent out a replacement straight away.

Theres always disappointment when you receive a faulty item, but I cannot fault cclonline for their quick and efficient service whatsoever.

Very Poor Customer Service

Just been to collect a custom built computer for my sons birthday which was ordered 11 days ago from CCL, only to be told that it is not ready as it has not been built. We made a 40 mile return trip to collect the computer at a time and date which was previously agreed online. They made no attempt to call or email me beforehand to let me know that there was a problem. I naturally asked to see a manager and after a 15 minute wait eventually someone came out to see me. He had no suggestions as to how he could remedy things and apparently CCL have no one available to put a computer together on a Saturday. I find it amazing that a company of this size cannot construct a PC on a Saturday. In the end he said he would have it ready for collection on Monday evening. I will now have to rearrange my diary to suit CCL and drive a further 40 miles through rush hour traffic because CCL cannot keep to their side of our agreement. More importantly I have a teenage son who is severely disappointed that his birthday present is delayed.
Over the years I have spent thousands of pounds with CCL and I had thought that they had sorted out their appalling customer service. Unfortunately this is not the case. Consumers do have a choice with Apple and PC World on the high street as well as many other online retailers offering a decent alternative. A company as complacent as CCL will not survive much longer if they cannot get the basics right.
It remains to be seen whether the computer is ready on Monday and what offer they will make in order to put things right. I suspect though that this may well be the last time I do business with CCL. I would urge anyone else to think carefully before placing an order.
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

Hi there,

I'm ever so sorry about the issues you have encountered. We do give out scheduled dates for collection online which we do our very best to adhere to, and if an order won't meet it's collection date, we do our best to let our customers know. I can see that this has failed on this occasion and so we offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused by this, we will be investigating why you weren't alerted of this delay. We were unable to build another machine up for you on a Saturday as we only operate skeleton staff and do not have any certified builders on a weekend to do this, and so again i apologise that we were unable to build up another while you waited. You should not have had to wait 15 minutes before a manager approached you and so we will be investigating as to why this was as best we can to prevent this from happening in future. I believe that this issue has since been resolved by our customer service team, who we hope have suitably rectified the situation. Please accept our sincerest apologies and pass them on to your son also.

Kind Regards,

CCL Computers

Fast shipping, good price, good support

I recently purchased a new monitor from CCL and was very impressed with the service. I called before ordering to enquiry about stock and get a very swift confirmation, placed the order on the Economy shipping option and received the monitor only a couple of days later. Thoroughly pleased with this purchase and would recommend CCL to anybody!

very dissapointing and stressful dealing with CCL

As I previously had a good experience with CCL, I purchased an Acer laptop from them, this item had been recommended by 'WHICH' as well.
A few months into the purchase, problem started arising from the laptop, and eventually, still within the year of warranty, I returned it to CCL.
That's when the problems begun:
It took too long to get an opinion from Acer labs on the matter, then CCL provided very poor customer support, in regards to prioritising me as their customer, and at some point even recommended, that there's no point going through them, the issue is between Acer and myself!

I spoke to numerous people at CCL, including Adel from customer care, and Andy from product support, who were nice on the phone, but really didn't get the idea that I AM THEIR customer, and they have sold me a laptop that isn't working.
The whole issue became very stressful, when calls and emails took ages to be made by them, I had to keep chasing them for answers....they didn't keep to the times they said they would.

Eventually, they came up with the idea, with my encouragement, that maybe they can repair the laptop and re sell it, and refund me in the meantime so I can move on with the issue - it took 3 months!!!!! for this resolution to be concluded.
Unbelievable - they were so confident they could repair it, that they eventually asked me to pay £20.0 or so for a new keyboard - still within the warranty!!!! and refund me the balance.
So CCL are happy to loose a customer for £20.0!!!

Guess what I did - I bought a new laptop from COSTCO - outstanding customer care, they will bend over backwards to please you.

I would never buy anything from a company who treats their customers as CCL treated me.
CCL Computers

Reply from CCL Computers

Hi there,

I can only apologise for the service you have received. We generally advise customers with items outside of the first 30 days of purchase to speak to the manufacturers for a resolution as they more often than not can resolve the situation quicker than we can. Items outside of the first 30 days of purchase are sent to the manufacturers on your behalf by ourselves if returned to us, and generally they turn the machines round quicker to an end user than they do to ourselves as we are quoted up to 28 working days for a repair/replacement. In terms of the original fault, our returns team have confirmed that Acer rejected the return after we obtained their second opinion as they believed that the faults were caused by user damage which is not covered under the warranty for the machine, this is the same for the software issues reported also, which is why the return was rejected by ourselves and alternative solutions offered.

Kind Regards,

CCL Computers

Very, very disappointing.

After using them in the past and receiving a satisfactory service, I thought I would recommend them to my new employer when our desktop PC broke. I wish I had saved myself the embarrassment.

I gave CCL the spec of the computer we had wanted, and asked that it was capable of running 4 monitors. I was assured the Alpha Tornado 2 would meet our requirements. I called to confirm that it would work with 4 monitors, but was told it wouldn't meet our requirements.
I then emailed the person that told me it would be compatible to tell them what the person on the phone had said. They dismissed this and assured me that it would work with 4 monitors.

I then go to the checkout to start the purchase, and I start a ‘live chat’ to double check again that it would be useable with 4 monitors. Person number 3, again, assured me that it would.
Delivery date on checkout was Tuesday 27th January. 28th January and no PC – I call to get told the checkout date was wrong, and that it is actually scheduled for delivery on Tuesday 3rd Feb. Fine, not the end of the world.
3rd Feb and still no PC. It finally arrives on 4th Feb.

We set the computer up … and you guessed it! Yes, the computer doesn’t work with 4 monitors.

I call them to explain the situation, and person number 1 from earlier conversation was very helpful but couldn’t understand that 4 monitors weren’t working.

We schedule a return and I was told it would be looked at same day once they had received it.

We then receive an email to say it was received on 10th Feb.

By this afternoon (11th Feb), still heard nothing from CCL. I email them, and the email was read at 12:45pm but up to 3:30pm nobody had replied.
I decide to call them to ask what is happening, but I’m now told (in quite an abrupt manner) it will be looked at in the next few days. This means it will be next week as a minimum when we will hopefully get a working computer.

At this moment in time, we are considering cancelling the thing completely. We run a business and every day we are without a computer it is costing us money.

To say this has been a frustrating experience is an understatement, and unfortunately one star was the minimum review we could give.

P.s it is not good that I can reel off the order number from memory because I have been in contact so many times!
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    CCL Computers

    Reply from CCL Computers

    Good afternoon,

    I'm sorry hear about the poor service you have received, after speaking to our returns and repair team, i believe that your machine is capable of displaying 4 screens, however it appears as though the drivers weren't installed correctly when we first shipped this out. I can only apologise for this error, we take full responsibility for this and have made arrangements on our end to ensure this doesn't happen in future. My colleague who actioned your repair has informed me that the drivers were re-installed to the machine correctly and passed testing with 4 monitors before shipping the machine back out to yourself. The machine when received by yourselves still did not display across 4 monitors. and after we got the machine back for testing again, we found the header for the VGA port on the graphics card was disconnected. We still do not know the reason for this, but strongly suspect that this happened in transit on the way back to yourselves as we've seen cables come loose in transit on the odd occasion before. This was unexpected and beyond our control, and so again i can only apologise for the inconvenience this has caused yourselves. I apologise on behalf of CCL for the time scales in which your machine was repaired, i can assure you that we do our very best to get these turned round as quickly as possible. I believe that your machine is now working correctly and so hope that this issue has been resolved.

    Kind Regards,

    CCL Computers

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