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Nothing but lies...

I have gotten the run around from the minute after my order was placed. They told me the product was shipped, when it hadn't arrived 2 weeks later I called and was told it was delayed due to bad weather. A week later I called and was told it hadn't shipped yet. Finally, 2 months after ordering, the wrong product was delivered. I returned the window in December and it took over 30 days for a refund, which was then in the wrong amount. They promised to reimburse shipping since it was their mistake but of course that wasn't done. I am now disputing the charges with the credit card company. When my bank called to question the charges they actually hung up on the bank. Escalith, the rep. I have worked with, has hung up on my multiple times. I've asked to speak with a supervisor or manager, and left voice mails for this supposed person, but have never gotten a call back.
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No stars here...Company is fraudulent!

This is my worst internet purchase experience sofar.

Granted, I should have done my research first but got confused between all the sites I had looked into and the ones I hadn't...My bad, but I thought I had some slack there since she said it could not be shipped to a (my) residential adress. So I told her I would see what I could do and call her back the next day and the sale would depend on me finding a commercial shipping adress.

After having looked up some reviews of them I tried to cancel the order the very next day. No way; "the order had already been shipped" and my card had already been debited.

Strangely enough, after that, it took 5 weeks to travel to my home...Right...

And, of course, what I received was not the part that we had agreed upon while I had described what I needed in full detail and she confirmed that that was what I would get and I even had her confirm my specifications by email. Well, kind of... She left so much room for interpretation there by giving me a pretty vague description that by now my doubts about this purchase were confirmed.

But of course this was all after the fact. I had bought it...A $550,- cheaply, sloppy made, unpainted, unprimed, piece of junk front bumper cover that does not fit my car even if I would like to put it on.

I can send it back of course at my own expense and hope and pray for a pathetic refund after they apply the 30% restocking fee...

But the way these people adress you when you get on the phone with them for any other reason than making a purchase does not make this seem like a viable option.

Luckily (I hope) the UPS guy knocked the part over in my driveway causing a lot of damage (the thing was just stuck on a wooden pallet with some foil wrapped around it).

So I hope to get my money back by filing a claim with UPS and have not bothered with Basiccarparts anymore.

They are to slippery anyway. Apparently they have been doing this for many years and using your credit card company to get your money back does not impress them...

This merchant truly deserves to be sued out of business though.

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